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Five Unusual Ways to Express Your Generosity This Christmas

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for unique Christmas gifts.  So I asked my friend Bill High to give me some unusual ideas.  Bill’s an expert on donor development and his personal mission is to change the way people think about the values of family, legacy and generosity – and their practice of them.  Here’s what Bill suggested:

We are at that time of year where people are hunting for Christmas ideas. The retailers are sure to remind us to find the perfect gift – and to be quick about it.  But here’s a few Christmas giving gift ideas you may not have considered:

  • Random Giving – Give every family member $100 at Christmas.  Have them give that $100 to someone in need (ideally someone they don’t know). Need ideas? Click here for ideas on how to give away $100.
  • The Gift of Insight – Take your family members on a tour of local ministries. Give them a perspective on what’s going on in your city – from a rescue mission, to youth ministry, or to a nursing home. Need ideas? Email Connie Hougland and she can help you find a great local ministry to visit.
  • The Gift of Impact – Gather your family and talk about an opportunity to give together towards a single cause. It might be as simple as sponsoring kids or mission trips or as profound as sponsoring the completion of a Bible translation.
  • The Gift of Giving – Set up a donor advised fund for your children and put some initial seed money for them to give. Click here for more information on donor advised funds.
  • The Direct Give – Help another person or family in need. Maybe there is a friend or neighbor going through a difficult season with medical bills or other financial needs. You can actually make a direct gift anonymously. Email Laura Johnson and she can help you with this.

We live in a time when financial needs are all around us, so instead of buying another ugly Christmas sweater, consider making a real difference in someone’s life.  After all, there’s no better gift than the gift of giving!


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