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The Financial Meltdown – A Lack of Leadership

When I picked up the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal this morning to read about the sorry state of the financial situation in America, my first thought was about poor leadership in the financial sector.  Certainly there are many complex issues in the mix, but as I read the timeline of how it happened, here were my thoughts:

1)    A great leader knows that when times are good – that’s the time to be thinking about potential problems. In the advertising industry we always say that when sales are good – that’s the time to advertise.  Because when sales are bad, it’s too late – the damage is done.  Great leaders are focused on the future.  When they get too occupied in running the day to day – that’s when they get into trouble, because they lose the 30,000 foot perspective.

2)    A great leader notices the odd stuff first. When things are going well, it’s the best leaders who start to notice when little things don’t make sense.  Looking back there were small warning signs in the economy, but many of these CEO’s and financial leaders were too busy watching their stock options grow to pay attention.  Remember “Scotty” on the Starship Enterprise?  He was the first to notice an unusual rumble in the warp drives that nobody else heard.  More than once, it saved the ship.

3)    A great leader listens. Every time something like his happens, we always find out there were whistleblowers that were ignored.  There are people in your organization who are on the front lines, and they’re seeing the enemy approaching long before anyone else.  Listen to them.  Walk through the factory.  Get to know your people.  Take a key team member out to lunch from time to time.  They’re often the ones that can save the company because they’re seeing things you can’t always see.

4)    A great leader isn’t insecure. Probably the biggest obstacle to great leadership is insecurity.  When you’d rather see the company tank than admit you were wrong.  When you start to tell small lies just to save face.  When you fire good people because you worry they’re smarter than you.  Lose the insecurity.  Be humble.  Hire people smarter than you.  When the water rises, all boats benefit.

5)    A great leader responds quickly. The best leaders are always ready to make a decision.  They don’t have to endlessly wait on more information.  They’ve done their homework, have confidence, and are ready to act in the best interest of the organization.  Too many ships have sunk because the captain froze – unable to make a decision.

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  1. Phil,  Great Post!


    Regarding #3) A Great Leader Listens to Whistle Blower Warnings…


    Well, in regards to broadcast ministries, and internet correct warnings:


    How about a 1/12/06 warning regarding exposure of broadcast ministry shenanigans (sorry for the strong language):


     And you will be found out for the frauds that you have become, the frauds of your family life that you display, the frauds of the fiscal worthiness that you believe that you have that you do not have.  And you will be found out this day.   

    How about a 2/25/06 warning about jet excess and prosperity doctrine shenanigans:


     Because:  Now you are having a competition amongst yourself to have the greatest and fastest fleets of jets, not just one jet but fleets and fleets of jets that you have competition with yourself.  And you believe that that is why We made the airports.  And you believe that that is why executive jets exist:  It is to put you in the lofty skies. 

    Well, you are already in the lofty skies of your own ignorance.  You are already reaching into the depths of depravity that have never been reached before, which means you will have a worse, and a hotter and a lower place in hell than you ever can imagine unless you turn around and repent!  

    Because: Thus saith the Lord, your only plans to do with all of this executive jet, and executive travel and new technology to promulgate your message is simply to exalt yourself, to continue with the baby doctrine, (to) continue to find yourself to be the only entity in modern times that exists without correction, without rebuke and without crashing. 

    And it is a lie.  Thus saith the Lord. 

    And you will find that you will not have fuel for your jets.  You will find that you will not have money for your television ministry.  You will find that you will not have money to make payroll.  You will find that you will not have the health and prosperity that you have promised yourself because you have banked upon lie after lie. 

    If you had eyes to see, you would see that already My Father’s hand is moving and exposing you for the frauds that you have become.  It is already doing things to your churches, to your ministries, to your funds, to your facilities.  And you go about repairing them, filling the breach, replacing the funds.   

    How about a 3/1/06 warning regarding conventions and broadcast producers of ministry TV? 

    Yes!  We are furious with you, sirs and ladies of the modern day Church, of the modern day television, of the modern day evangelism of the modern day putrid conventions. 

    For thus saith the Lord, they are an abomination!   

    And you have no idea the trouble that you are getting yourselves in, managers of conventions, managers of television, managers of abomination that you are spreading across the land in this day.   

    For you have no idea what is righteous and you have no idea of what is holy.  You have only an idea of what works for you.  And what works for you is extraction, and extortion, and getting people to tithe, and pay their love offerings and pay their offerings for your – now – executive jets.  And it is wrong.   

    And how about this 1/13/06 warning against the prosperity doctrines:


     For We see through the prosperity message that you have given and We see greed, and gain, and love of mammon and everything that you have been warned about in the scriptures.  You have been deceived into believing that you are not in a huge trap of Satan.  And get out of that trap.  It is killing you.  It is absolutely killing you.   

    And you have to stop dealing in the death of the prosperity greed doctrine.  Because: Greed is not a spirit that We will allow into Our midst.  I will say that again: Greed has not ever been, nor ever will be nor is now a spirit that We will allow in Our midst.  And yet that is what you buy, and that is what you sell.   And that is the lie that you make, and that is the lie that you believe.   

    And We have told you on the last page of the Bible that We do not like lovers and makers of lies.  And you stop loving the lie of the greedy prosperity doctrine, and you get back to seeking the kingdom of heaven, which is truth.  

    You seek truth first, in a right spirit and you will see more than you would believe is possible to see.  Because: What you will begin to see are the spirits that you are of, and they are the spirit of greed and gain.   

    And you have got to knock it off now!  For the time is no more for you to pollute the airways and the world with your message of greed and gain. 

    How about a 12/17/08 letter to a ministry leader backing Todd Bentley warning him about Todd Bentley?


     To the point:  The odd way that I am organized causes me to be greatly alarmed at the preaching and teaching of Todd Bentley, who appears on your website mini-videos.  There are perhaps a dozen alarming things that flash a red light and sound a siren in my mind whenever I see this BentleyHe’s either so full of Jesus he dements my character, or he is powerful strong at reality distortion, jabberwocky and promulgation of what  must not be promulgated that he is fooling your ministry enough to promote his babbling videos 

    If it is the latter, you are warned he ain’t full o’ Jesus.  If it is the former, you have more proof to ignore whatever I said, say or will say in the future. 

    There, I’ve said it, or written it. May God grant us the truth in all things. 

    (All material from http://www.inthatdayteachings.com)    

  2. Phil,
    Is this a lack of leadership or only turbulence for what is ahead. Is it too much of a stretch to see that we are getting ready for US meltdown.

    The mortgage industry, the 9 trillion of debt that China could call at any moment, social security crisis, energy crisis, inflation is out pacing our dollar, national security, The Fanny May situation, now just recently Lehman brothers, next is Merrill lynch.
    Phil I am not an alarmist or doom and gloom type of guy, I am actually a pretty positive guy, as a AF veteran I love this country!!! what the heck is going on? What do you see?

  3. Our economy is on the brink. There were and are many warning signs. It is disappointing that our leadership in the past 30-40 years have not taken steps to shore up several key areas. Consider the following:

    1. 1970s oil crisis. OPEC controls the flow of oil to the world. There is no leadership in looking for alternatives. Leaders turn heads hoping the oil doesn't stop. There is no proactive stance by government or by research firms in solving the problem. 2008….we are a little better on alternatives than from the 70s…not much. Our economy can be squeezed by those that control oil. Where were the leaders?

    2. Ten trillion dollars in debt. All of us and our children will be paying this debt for decades to come. We have allowed ourselves to succomb to the "I've got to have it now" philosophy. Our nation is in danger of financial collaspe.

    3. Fundamental flaw…..Our congress is elected on what it can do for the district. There is no balanced budget amendment. Congressman are rewarded for bringing federal money to their districts in the form of projects, parks etc., in other words spending money. If they don't spend money for their district they most likely will not be voted in next time. They are being rewarded for poor financial stewardship. If you multiple that by all congress members (535) and put years into that scenario you have major debt. Good leadership would have put through a balanced budget amendment to limit spending.

    4. Good news: The United States has an unbelievable base of talented workers and leaders. We can get out of this problem. It will take years but several things immediately need to be done.

    A. Establish the Goal: Without a vision the people perish! What does the goal need to be?

         1. Balanced Budget Amendment

         2. Promote what you want to have happen. Government leadership in finding alternative fuels, providing tax relief to companies who will work to invest in research and development. A coalition of government and private industry could lead us out of the fuel situation in less than 10 years if not faster. This is key, our country will not get out of debt until we stop sending close to a trillion dollars out or our economy yearly for fuel. Let's keep these dollars in the U.S. to grow our country.

        3. Recognize the power of true capitalism. People are motivated in improving their lives. They will work extremely hard and bring great innovation if they can get the rewards of their labor.

        4. Over taxation removes incentives. Over taxation brings about government bloat and does not lead to good stewardship. The call for money never ends unless limits are placed.

        5. Regulation on financial sector. Greed has run rampant, the American public pays.

        6. We need moral leadership. Our society has moved away from our most important accountability partner. He is of course far more than just an accountability partner He is the great I Am. Yet without Him there is no acknowlegement of the ultimate accountability in all we do. Schools, our society, media (movies, TV, music) for the most part have completely pushed God out. The base of knowing you are accountabile to God for your actions has existed throughout most of history. In just a generation in America that base  has significantly changed. Needless to say the "I want to get everything and I really don't care what it does to others concept" is the fruit of a society moving away from that accountability.

        7. Most important solution: Prayer and Action as God leads. Christians are the salt of society……begin to share, lead and create media with the truth. That is the ultimate solution because it points to the ultimate Savior. He transforms people….then our world changes.


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