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Filming in Israel? Here’s The Man to Call

I met Israeli film and television producer Eitan Alon many years ago in Tel Aviv, when I was producing and directing a documentary on the Holy Land. Since that time, I’ve produced feature films, documentaries, TV specials, and plenty of other media projects in Israel – and my first call is always to Eitan. He’s a consummate producer and production manager on all kinds of shoots – plus, Israel has fantastic crews and access to the latest equipment. And if your project is Christian in nature, then you can’t afford not to use him. Eitan has access to sites and locations that few others have, and he can get a remarkable number of approvals to shoot at restricted sites all over the country. He’s also plugged into political leadership and can arrange interviews with a wide variety of people.

The bottom line is that if you’re producing something in the Holy Land – live, videotape, or otherwise – your first call needs to be Eitan. You can reach him or his associate Ruthy Lustig-Dassa online at:
or via email at a2pro@a2pro.co.il
or via phone at +972 523 866 568

Pastors and ministry leaders, you have a choice. Just rely on your staff to research and/or stumble on the connections you need, wasting enormous time; or maximize your time, resources, and budget by hiring someone who’s already done it, and knows what you need even before you ask. Eitan has the Cooke Media Group seal of approval, and I highly recommend him. You’ll end up with more footage and better footage than you dreamed possible.

Give him a call….


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  1. I can not agree any more! Being in Israel over 25 times in the past years Eitan has helped me in every aspect of production and has always delivered! May I say Eitan has a phone book as big as the yellow pages on his iPhone. He has a work ethic that is hard to find nowadays. Go with the BEST.
    John A. Kunst
    -TV Director Benny Hinn Ministries-

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