Expelled's Friday Night Box Office

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed made an estimated $1.2 million on its opening Friday night.  It was only #14 in number of screens it was distributed to, but it was #8 in overall revenue, and #4 in per screen average.  It seems to be on track to make about  $3.5 million for the weekend, which would be 60% above expectations. Pretty good numbers for a documentary without major studio backing.

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  1. The evidence for evolutionary theory may not be as strong as you would be led to think by the media, the courts, the academy and Big Science. What's Big Science? Well, Big Science speaks for itself in this movie. Listen carefully. And then try not to laugh. Can anyone? Anyone?

    Extraordinarily powerful and truthful movie. A major salvo in the battle for truth and freedom in the academy. Ben Stein has created nothing less than a cultural milestone.

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