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Today, Everything Communicates

Even when you're not communicating, THAT communicates a message...

Something leaders, speakers, and communicators often fail to understand is that in today’s digital world, everything communicates. That means it’s not just the message you share, but it’s the clothes you’re wearing, your attitude, the way you stand, the lighting in the room, and many more things impact how people receive that message.

In a larger organizational context a question like “Who’s the first person a new visitor or customer meets when they walk in the door?” is appropriate. In our team’s experience with churches, we’ve discovered that virtually 100% of potential new visitors will check out the church online before they visit. (So why are church websites so lame?)

Even when you’re not communicating, that communicates a message.

So whether you’re pitching a project, preaching a sermon, writing a TV commercial, developing a business proposal, speaking at a conference, or talking to your best friend, there’s a wealth of information that gets communicated beyond the message.

What are the things you’ve not thought about that could help you deliver a more effective message?

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  1. Excellent point! Here in the Web Design world, 1/12th of a second is all the time people will take before judging your website!

  2. When we vet speakers for our clients, we always look to see who they are “yoked” with- we consider their book endorsements, we evaluate their social media to see who they endorse and promote. A picture is worth a 1,000 words so I recommend caution on who they are having their photos with and posting.

  3. So true and exhausting: I see churches with wrongly formatted newsletters, social media that is not monitored or coherently maintained, phone calls and emails go unanswered, website has no info. And then they cry no one wants to get involved? That’s because you are supposed to be a mercy mission to the community, not NEED a mercy mission from people on how to function in the most basic elements of communication and professionalism in our daily society. I’m tired of then hearing about having ‘grace’ for mistakes etc on things like that. Well the WORLD doesn’t see ‘grace’ in your tech and general illiteracy. They want nothing to do with your lameness (and you’ve proven them right, great job church) It’s embarrassing, but can’t seem to get that message through to anyone without seeming too brusque and aggressive. *see above lecture then given on ‘grace’ for this failure when concern is brought up. Not that I’m bitter………..

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