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This Week’s Pet Peeve: ENTER SITE Buttons

After going to all the trouble to get me to visit your site, WHY do you make me click on an additional button to actually see it?  Are there any of you web experts out there that can give me a SINGLE reason that a blank page with the link ENTER SITE is a good idea?  What’s the point?  It just makes me aggravated, which is not the emotion you want from someone visiting your site.

Am I crazy?  What do you think?

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  1. Think of the “enter site” pages as a door knob . . . but only if the door knob is made of tears and inconvenience.

    To me it seems like one of those things that eager young web designers do to make their site seem all exclusive and important. It’s the “I can so I will!!!!!” attitude. While you’re at it, why not add a drop shadow to everything? Or use Comic Sans for all your text? Or add a moving gif of sparkly Lisa Frank Trapper-Keeper art to intro your site? These things could work.

    Less is more folks! 🙂 I agree with you Phil. Enter site buttons makes me wanna punch a goat.

  2. Time is a major factor so if its going to take me even 2 minutes to be able to access aything on a site with all these door knob additional buttons – im just gonna get frustrated and close it off…Sometimes SIMPLICITY is a way to avoid all sorts of complications that lead to timewasting;anxiety and frustration.So you aint crazy Phil..Feel the same way.

  3. The only good reason I can think of is when it accompanies a warning of restricted content to under age users so you have a choice to enter or not. Otherwise you’re right, they’re quite useless.

  4. I agree 100% with Phil, the enter button is just one extra page to fumble through. It’s aggravating to me as well. Less is more…

  5. This is a trend that caught on a while back that really took a horrible turn for the worse. Originally sites that were created in Flash had an HTML enter page so they could be sure all users could view their home page. But why people still use this technique is beyond me…

  6. Well in some cases, “enter site” buttons are good if used correctly. (don’t shoot me just yet) In my last agency, we would use ‘enter’ buttons for SEO reasons. We would create backdoor pages with targeted keywords and verbiage, and if you, the target, happened to land on a backdoor page through your googling, you’d have to click the ‘enter’ button. Having multiple backdoor pages supporting your homepage, worked out for our last agency, (proved by metrics(2008,2009, google may have nerfed this now…)

    Or the page you were looking at may have had an html page with targeted kewords that led into his/her 100% flash site.

    I guess in conclusion, it all depends on how it was deployed.

  7. I think its a waste of the users time and ends up getting people frustrated with the experience they get from the site regardless of the benefit to the developers or the publishing company. As a web designer, there’s a conflict between what benefits the user and what the owner/publisher of the site thinks benefits them (eg, farming information or SEO stuff), reminds me of the good old days of flash splash pages when one has to wait for a site to load just to have animated flash menu… thanks to Javascript, there are very few of them left.

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