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Enough With All the Drama!

A significant number of organizations have what I call an “office hysteric.”  You know who I’m talking about – the person that takes everything to extremes.  They thrive on drama, and discuss everything with great emotion.  They’re addicted to superlatives, and tend to over-describe everything.  Sales results aren’t good, they’re “the most awesome results anywhere in the country.”   The project isn’t just working, “it’s going to change everything.”  They work in the negative as well.  When things look bad, it’s “catastrophic.”  Your idea won’t fail, “It will ruin everything this company is built on.”

I worked for an office hysteric once at a major religious ministry.  When I pitched him an idea for TV, his response was, “Your idea will destroy everything I’ve ever worked for, and I hope you can live with that.”  (I took the idea to another ministry and it was very successful.)

The point is, hysterics try to win over their colleagues by heaping on the drama.  They feel that the best way to convince people of their ideas is to make them sound incredible.  Likewise, they demonize the ideas and people they don’t like.

But the truth is –  being over the top actually undermines your message. Cut the drama.  People understand reality and can see the truth pretty easily.

Build your argument on the quality of its content, not the value of its drama.


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  1. This is without question the most awesome and outstanding blog article I have ever read in my entire life!!!!! This blog post should be submitted for like a Pulitzer or something. I’m not kidding, this is totally awesome and life-changing!!!!

  2. What the mind cannot express the body will. That includes the mouth. Over the top is usually a cover for broken trust, insecurity, etc. Try to hear past the drama.

  3. I know the type! Their extreme emotional swings and hyperbolic assessments make them difficult to trust and keep them from ever become effective leaders. Deep down, I think we all know that this type of reaction is related to some sort of personal insecurities.

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