Motivational Posters for the Emerging Church

Check out these incredible posters from Pyromaniacs.

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  1. Love the posters… ha ha ! Great stuff. It's a hairy subject, ain't it?! Somebody recently said, "spiritual happiness without repentence is lifeless", or something to that effect. And it makes sense… the whole backbone of the Emergent movement is a little self-centered. Not that other movements aren't. It just seems very egocentric. (Kind-of like, "I'm fine to begin with, and God is a really great addition to my life.") However, I think that any movement toward the Lord is a good thing, regardless of what a person's issues are. so, i guess i'm still wrestling with the whole thing. 

  2. Sorry, Phil… these aren't funny. Creative, maybe. But they're belittling and resort to namecalling. Not the sort of behavior that I think represents the heart of Christ. I'm sorry to see that someone of your stature would give them exposure.

  3. Lighten up a little my friend.  Plenty of emerging pastors and leaders are friends of mine and I'm fascinated  with much of what's happening out there in that world.  But if we can't poke a little fun, then we're taking ourselves way too seriously… 

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