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Spitzer Discovers the Consequences of a Dishonest Brand

As Peter Montoya says, “You can’t brand a lie.” Whatever your brand story is, it has to be honest, authentic, and true. The “true” part came into play when news broke the other day that NY Governor Eliot Spitzer allegedly hired a prostitute from an escort service in Washington, DC. Known as a “law and order crusader” during his prosecution days, he rode the brand of being a lawful, upright, and bold crime fighter. And he careful crafted that brand story over a fast rising career. But now, that brand story will forever be destroyed. You can spend years – even decades – building a strong brand identity, only to have it destroyed overnight. Remember that in a media-driven culture, perception matters. Personal or corporate brand – it doesn’t matter. Eliot Spitzer played the branding odds, and lost big.

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