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Don’t Just Take Your Donor’s Money – Educate Them

Too many religious and non-profit organizations pursue donors and expect it to be a one-way street.  Sure you send them a letter, or produce a radio or TV program, but really – what’s in it for them? It’s no wonder so many are struggling these days with fundraising. Want to turn things around?

Start educating your donors. 

And I’m not just talking about teaching them how to give more. I’m talking about teaching about what the need is, how your organization is meeting that need, why it matters, and why you need their help. Make them more educated about the hunger, poverty, sex-trafficking, clean water, education, evangelism, homeless, or whatever your cause is.

Because once they get educated, they get passionate, and when they get passionate, there’s no telling what they’re capable of doing.

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  1. There’s an old saying that I hear – I forget.  I see – I remember.  I do – I understand.  Phil nailed it.  The more we can engage our supporters through actual participation, the more they will pray, volunteer, give and speard the word about what we’re doing.  I always cringe when I read a donor appeal that asks people to “help them” with their cause.  It should be a partnership where we are all working together for “our” cause.  The more a ministry can position itself as an extension of the donor, the more it will grow.

  2. No sure it is as much about education as it is engage them in what they care about…folks are interested in what they are interested in. No amount of “education” will change that. The key is to have a relationship with your donors, be “listening” to them by how and what they respond to, and give them more of that. Right offer to the right person …we do it in real life. No reason not to in direct response.

  3. That’s exactly what we are doing with My Broken Palace. We’re asking for help at the events to talk and pray with kids and young adults. We’re keeping them in the loop via mail, email, and text beyond just a monthly letter about support. We’re trying to think of creative ways for our key donors to really know we appreciate them and their involvement. For example, we have taken the prayer wall we use at events and made a digital canvas artwork that can be put on a wall in their house or office as a reminder and a conversation starter about the ministry. 🙂

  4. Ephesians 4:11-13, it is very simple – “to prepare God’s people for works of service”

    I recently wrote about this (!/note.php?note_id=405185802808)after attending a “Gifting and Receipting” seminar by Mission Increase

    I work for a Christian non-profit and we were just talking about this today at lunch, and this popped up on my screen. One of the observations I have had is that as Christians, we feel entitled to get special treatment from other Christians, when in reality, we need to give more, share more and let people get involved more with their talents as well as their treasures; so that the workings of Christ within us can show to the world. If we show favoritism, when God does not, we are working within the world’s parameters. Thank you for this article.

    When we educate and give to others, they learn and we learn. When we act out of desperation and fear, that’s how people react. My biggest pet peeve is “we desperately need your help”, When in actuality, we have nothing at all to do with it, unless we are following His lead – and it’s God’s money, God’s callings. I am encouraged that we can come together as leaders in the Christian communities to work toward God’s plan for His people. We are not in competition, we are in union with one another as ministries. Praise God for giving wisdom to those who serve.

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