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Proactivity Linked to Early Risers

I’m reading studies that indicate proactive (not necessarily productive) can often be linked to those who are “up with the lark”, while those who define themselves as “evening people” are likely to be less proactive in the workplace.  One report said: “The research, which surveyed 367 student participants, found a correlation between their self-reported ‘morningness’ (measured by their answers to questions about how easy they find it to get up in the morning and how alert they feel) and their self-reported proactivity (measure by their agreement to the questions), was statistically significant.

This is because, while it is fair to assume that those who are able to spring out of bed at the crack of dawn are likely to feel more proactive, there has long been an assumption that any source of early vitality could be short-lived once the day really gets going.”

In other words, morning people?  Proactive.  Evening people?  Not so much?

What do you think?  Would you agree?  Let the arguments begin!


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  1. I too am a rip-roaring night owl, and my tank gets cranked around midnight. Like Emilio said, the HR world has tried to create a nice cube-shaped 9 to 5 culture.  My best writing has come out of the 3am – 6am time slot, just before the sun comes up.  I would suggest that this HR survey deemed their idea of productivity with routine-type accuracy, And the ones considered unproductive, were the project oriented, creative types, whose productivity is on a different level.

    (seen Ferriss’s ‘4-Hour Workweek’?

  2. God bless this study!  Now I have proof for my preaching about early mornings value.  In the morning you have less distractions than at night.  Give me a cup of coffee and the quiet of the morning and I can read a ton of stuff and write to boot!  As I think about it 90% of what I have written has been in the morning!  Now for another cup of coffee!

  3. I completely agree. I am an “evening person” and every day I find myself wishing I had been more productive that day by getting up a little bit earlier. If memory serves, I believe Jesus was also a morning person…

  4. I never thought of it that way … but you’re right Daniel!  Jesus WAS a morning person! Hallelujah and seven amens.  I’m a morning person too and if I had a nickel for every time someone said, “what’s wrong with you anyways?”, I be rich.  I’ve been vindicated.

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