Warrant Issued for Pastor Earl Paulk

According to Associated Press, Earl Paulk, the 80-year-old leader of an Atlanta suburban megachurch who is at the center of a sex scandal has been charged with lying under oath for saying he had sex outside marriage with only one other woman, court documents show. A warrant for the arrest of Archbishop Earl Paulk, co-founder of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill Harvester Church, was issued Monday, according to court documents.  Paulk was making arrangements Monday night to turn himself in, WAGA-TV reported. His attorneys did not immediately return calls from The Associated Press seeking comment.



  1. Let's just pray for the families hurt by this man and the congregation that will  need to recover from this scandal.  Maybe Tedd Haggard's Church can give them some pointers. 

    This is a sick, sad story.  It's also an old one.  This man's horrible behavior has been an open secret for a long time.  Why do Christians follow these people?  Why, why, why?  I just don't get it.  Shouldn't this make our skin crawl?  

    By the way, as I write this there's a google ad with a grinning devil in a pimp suit and shades trying to sell me "Warrant" ring tones.  It's kinda creepy.   I don't think of myself as easily unnerved, but I gotta admit that this one is a bit worse than the "LOVE BUTTON". 

    It makes me wonder about human nature.  Ad men know us better than we know ourselves.  For some reason the Ad men think we're gonna go haring off to buy "warrant" ring tones because they're being offered by a grinning devil in a red pimp suit. 

    Are we?  Is that the appeal of men like Earl Paulk?   Will people buy Christianity more readily from a grinning devil than a prosing saint?  

    Yep.  You guessed it.  This has got me down.  Not to far down, mind you.  I'm sitting on top of the world right now; I'm blessed beyond measure.  I just don't like the shenanigans of Earl Paulk or the Ad men, and I despair at the darkness in the human soul that makes the strategies viable. 

  2. I trusted this man and while I was not hurt in the same way these women were…I was betrayed.

    I admit…hard to pray this time.

     But it will get better…

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