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The Droodle: What’s Your Miracle Product?

If you’ve heard me speak on creativity, you’ve probably heard me say that one of the best places for me to get ideas is in the shower.  I can’t explain it, but once the water starts, the ideas come.  The problem was, by the time I’d get out, dry off, and find a pen and paper, I’d forgotten most of those creative insights.  But then we discovered “The Droodle” (can’t explain the name) – the notepad you can use while wet.  It’s a miracle.  Now I can write down anything that comes – all while I’m in the shower.

The question becomes, what’s the miracle for you?  In other words, what’s the thing that would unleash creativity and new ideas in your life?  Maybe it’s changing your schedule, perhaps it’s dumping an old habit, or maybe it’s just a simple product like the Droodle.  Whatever it is – take it seriously.

When you study the life of great artists, you quickly discover that they wanted the best tools available.  Michelangelo for instance went to extremes to find raw materials for his paints, or the right sculpture tools.  Whether it’s tools, schedules, partners, friends, atmosphere, habits or something else – take your creativity seriously.

Get your Droodle on…

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