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My Interview on the Drew Marshall Show

Here’s the interview I did recently with radio host Drew Marshall – on Canada’s most listened to talk-back program.  Drew’s a pretty funny guy and I always enjoy poking fun at sacred cows on his program…


  1. Tight, sharp, funny, very witty, really humourous, quite a few one liners and some candidly good and hard-hitting points. It was quite a smart interview all round.

  2. Phil, I appreciated the way you handled Mr Marshall's criticism of some of the ministries mentioned in the interview. You didn't deny his right to an opinion, yet you were respectful of those mentioned, not getting on his bandwagon and being critical and judgmental. In fact, I appreciated the questions that gave you opportunity to speak articulately about the difference between intention, motive and practices that are just plain 'out of touch' with where culture is at.

    Indeed, the body of Christ is big enough for us all; oddities, shortcomings and all…

  3. A great interview, Phil.

     What amazes me about some televangelists, his how they will rant against the movie industry.  While ranting, the televangelist might pronounce Jesus using five syllables, might have strange-looking big hair, might have a sing-song voice, might control the audience by barking commands to stand or shake hands or turn to five different Bible verses, might walk left to right to mesmerize the audience as a hypnotists does with a chain fob, might brag up the poor singing performance of a daughter, might have an annoying habit of getting confirmation by repeatedly saying "Amen?", might do all that whacky stuff and more.

     Then, if a secular director in a movie wants to tell a story where the audience can immediately understand the actor is a whack-job, the director will tell the actor to do just a few of the things the televangelists does all the time.

     So, who is more aware of things of the spirit?  The preacher or the director? 

  4. In the interview, there was a reference to something I'm having difficulty with.  It was Rick Warren's "bumper sticker" slogan that Christianity is now about "deeds not creeds."  I hope I'm misunderstanding your use of this thought.  Because on the surface, this is a false dichotomy.  It can't be an either/or.  The truth is that good deeds proceed from good creeds.  Right belief results in right action.  Ignoring "the creeds" will result in "every man doing what is right in their own eyes."  There are many cults around the world who produce "good deeds" and say that they are Christian.  To accept a person, group, or religion soley on their "deeds" is a sad commentary on how we determine who is living the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Creeds are important.  I have a Ph.D. in Theology so that should go without saying.  But Rick's comment refers to the fact that it's time the church stopped talking and starting doing.  The church's response after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was a great example.  When the government failed to act, it was hundreds of churches that filled the gap and made the difference.  That made a far better impact in the eyes of the culture than any doctrine…

  6. Okay, I get it.  It's just another way of saying, "Get your rear in gear." or as St. James said, "Faith without works is dead."  The world doesn't need to "hear" another sermon…they need to "see" a sermon in action. 

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