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Don’t Wait Until the Crisis Happens

Sir Jonathan Miller is a highly regarded theatrical director based in London, and while I was watching him work on a BBC documentary the other night, he said something brilliant:  “You learn to ice skate in the summertime.”  He mentioned it was a lesson his father taught him.  It took awhile for it to sink in, and then I realized the power of what he was really saying. Once the game, project, production, business, crisis – whatever starts, it’s too late to learn what to do. Take the classes, learn the techniques, get the knowledge before the crisis begins, or you’ll be caught dead in your tracks.

Certainly there’s much to be done while the project is happening, and much we can learn. But if we wait to start until the crisis happens, then we’re behind already.

It’s been said that good generals plan for battle, but great generals plan for the unexpected.

What are you doing right now that will prepare you for when your great crisis – or great opportunity – happens?

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