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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask? Think again…

Seth Godin wrote a terrific endorsement for my book “The Last TV Evangelist” recently.  So when I read this blog post from his site, I thought about all the people who ask me to read their script, analyze their project, or read their book.  Producer Ralph Winter recently mentioned the audacity of some people who ask him to read their script and send them his evaluation or reaction.  Just reading a script could take hours, and then writing notes is even more work.

Read Seth’s post – it’s true for a wide range of situations, and could help you keep from getting turned down – or losing a potential friend.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this guy before today. First on this blog, then I just saw him on

  2. Hey… Ok, it only hurts a little to ask. 

    Phil, could you read my script, analyze my project, and read my manuscript this afternoon… oh.. and if I could have it back by Friday that would be sweet…. 🙂

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