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Does Your Company, Church, or Nonprofit Organization Need a Better Name?

In a distracted world, names matter more than ever…

In the past, naming a business, church, or nonprofit was pretty simple. If you sold pants, you could just be the “Pants Store.” If you were the third Presbyterian church that started in a town, you could be “Third Presbyterian Church.” Easy. Done. 

But just as “The Pants Store” here failed, we must remember that today we live in a much more distracted, information-heavy culture. People see as many as 10,000 media messages per day. In that world, getting people’s attention is the new currency, and a name can be life or death. It has to stand out and provide a “hook” to make it memorable. 

Our team at has named many organizations over the years, and if you’re ready for a name change, we can help. Don’t make the mistake The Pants Store made. 

Find a name that will make you a legend.

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