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Does Your Communication or Media Team Need a Break?

The toll of live streaming in the age of COVID-19

Our entire team at Cooke Media Group has been watching hundreds of live stream services over the last few months. As we follow up on those services via social media and email conversations, our executive producer Dan Wathen started noticing a common problem: the production teams that are creating these live streams are exhausted.

Pastors and church leaders: Is it time to ease up a bit with your team? I know the stakes are high and we risk losing church members by not staying connected. But at the same time, we should be carefully monitoring our workflow to be sure we’re not killing our team.

How much is too much when it comes to churches trying to crank out content? What is the balance to prevent burnout among staff and pastors? Will we be holding the pedal to the metal for another month….2 months…3 months?

The answers to those and similar questions are different for each church, but it’s time we started asking. Many churches have actually ramped up their live streams and are now connecting with the congregation online through mid-week prayer meetings, worship events, small groups, and more. That’s fantastic, and I encourage it. But at the time time, let’s be sure the team that’s making those online events happen aren’t the ones that are being hurt.

As one pastor told me at the start of the lockdown: “I love missions, educational programs, and our evangelistic outreaches. But the truth is, it’s our communication and media teams that are keeping our church open right now.”

That’s absolutely true. Stay connected, but make sure we’re taking care of the people working so hard to keep your church moving forward online.

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

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