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Why You Should Never Give Up!

Feeling frustrated?  Have you failed a few times? Ready to give up?  Before you do, just remember that you’re in a very impressive group of people. Some of the greatest minds in history have experienced the most humiliating defeats, only to come back to greatness.  So before you throw in the towel, read through this short list:

Beethoven re-wrote each piece of music he created at least a dozen times…

Historians have discovered over 2,000 preliminary drawings of the Michaelangelo’s “Last Judgement”…

Leonardo Da Vinci worked on “The Last Supper” for more than 10 years, often working for days without eating or sleeping…

George Stephenson spent 15 years perfecting the locomotive…

Field crossed the ocean 50 times before he successfully laid a cable for telegraph communications…

Westinghouse was treated as a lunatic for his crazy idea that he could stop a train with “wind.” Then he invented air-brakes…

Hemingway re-wrote the manuscript of “The Old Man and the Sea” at least 80 times…

Noah Webster labored 36 years on the dictionary…

Member of the British Parliment William Wilberforce called a vote for the aboltion of slavery every year for 16 years until he won enough votes to abolish the slave trade…

It sounds corny, but it’s true – it’s not how many times you fall down that counts…. it’s how many times you get back up.

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  1.      I think we Christians tend to believe that if we create something, then it must have been an idea sent down directly from God, and is therefore inerrant.  Add to that the dread of how labor intensive and time consuming it would be to rework your creation to get it up to par, and you have the formula for mediocrity.

  2. Perfect timing!  Thanks for the reminder Phil!  Just when you feel like you can’t get back up someone blogs about all the amazing people who fell more times then me and yet still got to where God wanted them to be.  I guess I can handle a few more falls 🙂


  3. Good word. I had three major church members unload on me yesterday and this morning I was thinking about pulling up stakes, I’m not so sure now.

  4. I would love to quit right now. It would be so easy, so simple. However, the damaging effects to quiting would be worse then the trial I am going through. God has a plan for me that I completely disagree with. I want to fix it. I want control, I want to be the captain of my own ship. Know matter how hard God’s plan is for me. It will be worth it. That’s why He is God and I am not. He sees thing I don’t. He cares too much for me. My mother always reminds me, “With God anything possible”. It sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.

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