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Don’t Change Who You Are

You are who you are. God has called you to be unique and different. The world isn’t looking for another Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, Beth Moore, Billy Graham, Tony Evans, Kenneth Ulmer, or T.D. Jakes. They just might be looking for you.  If an advertising or marketing consultant tries to change your unique style, gifts, or calling, then you’re on the wrong track from the beginning.

A great marketer will take the time to understand who you are, what your personal and ministry gifts are, what your vision for ministry really is, and focus on that.  It’s not about changing your calling, it’s about celebrating your calling.

Should you change that dumpy suit, the bad accent, or the lime green  carpet in the church?  Probably.  Don’t let a bad package pre-qualify your audience.  Remove any boundaries that would keep people from hearing your message, but in the process, don’t lose the message itself.

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  1. Bravo! Another great post Phil.

    In the city I live we once had a great restaurant downtown that was known for great food and the perfect setting. They were always the most expensive and always full.

    Then a new bar opened across the street. In all its brand new glory it attracted a crowd and began to pull some of the business from across the street…they were now full all evening.

    In response, the restaurant changed itself and turned itself into a bar. It's now lucky to have 4 tables full.

    They couldn't get past someone else's success and figured it meant they were unsuccessful when in fact people most likely had some dinner, maybe a glass of wine and went across the street for some music and dancing.

    It is so easy pastors, churches, all of us to look at the what's been hot for the last 5 minutes and panic. All of a sudden we have to be just like them…we've lost the concept of originality.

    In the church we copy sermon series, preaching styles and we wonder why we didn't have the same blockbuster as the originating church. They've lost there personality.

    You're right we need to celebrate our uniqueness while celebrating other's success.

  2. I think Michael has made a strong point.  Churches/pastors often look at what is the hottest thing out there and say, "if it worked for them it must work for me."  We forget that what sustains and lasts is not a program but a changed heart.  I am convinced that God has gifted each individual and each church to be only themselves.  To be a cheap copy or imitation of another ministry or another pastor is (to me) telling God that He messed up. And to be jealous of another church's success is just downright wrong.  Rejoice in their ministry and move on.  Thanks for making me think with this post. 

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