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Do You Really Know Your Priorities?

I’ll never forget when one of my wife’s best friends had a baby. She was a dedicated career woman, who decided after a few nervous months at home that she would hire a nanny so she could go back to work and resume her career. Everything seemed fine for a while, until one day she came home from work to hear the excited nanny cry out in joy, “Guess what? Today your baby walked for the first time! You should have seen it!” At that moment, the mom froze in horror. For the first time since her baby’s birth, she realized that by going back to work, all the “firsts” in her child’s life would be experienced by someone else.

That jolt was like an explosion. She dropped her briefcase, called her boss, immediately resigned from her job, and never looked back. At that moment she understood her priorities. She thought her career was number one in her life, but that day she realized her real priority was her family.

Certainly not everyone can afford to stay at home with his or her children, and each situation and priority list is different. But the point is, once you realize your priorities – whatever they may be – everything naturally finds its proper position of importance in your life.

How about you?  Did you reach a point when your priorities become crystal clear?  Tell me about it…

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  1. I think I read this same story in your new book (JOLT was great, by the way).

    I definitely had a wake up call after getting married and having kids because my life and work was no longer just about me. As a husband and dad I simply can’t afford to be selfish and expect to succeed.

  2. I knew this story sounded familiar… it gets the point across perfectly.
    My relationship with my husband, kids and family members are a top priority. I don’t want to miss quality time with them.  Material things are temporary and for enjoyment only, not treasures. Careers are not identities. I guess you could say experiencing the death of close loved ones has left a deep imprint on my heart and has influenced how I prioritize things in my life… with joy, not dread or fear.  Good question to ask…

  3. Hi Phil!  I have been in full time ministry for 36 years.  As a pastors wife, it’s like stepping on a merry-go-round and you go with the flow.  I have loved every minute of it, the easy and hard times.  I never was able to pick and choose what I would do or where I could go.  Four months ago God put it on my heart to do a marriage blog.  It is the love of my life.  I have been teaching marriage for 5 years but now everyday I post something new and I feel like God has given me wives that truly need help.  I already have had over 20,000 viewers.  To me it is conformation that God has changed my priorities from homeschooling 3 kids for 21 years to blogging. 

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