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Do You Like Where You Work?

It’s a simple question:  Do you like where you work?  Some people will blow it off, saying that “work” isn’t supposed to be enjoyable.  But the truth is, the most satisfied people on the job are those who have found the intersection between “work” and “passion.”

But even before we get into the “passion” thing, I think it’s worth asking:  Do you like where you work?  Far too many people go through life giving up their hopes, their dreams, and their personal enjoyment – all for a paycheck.

Yes, paying your bills is important.  But since you spend more than 15% of your entire life at work, don’t you think it should be at a place you enjoy?

I’m not suggesting you pack up and leave.  But I AM suggesting you think about it.  No matter what the economy, it’s tough working at a place that sucks the life out of you.  Don’t settle.  Don’t feel guilty.  Just think about the possibilities.

Do you like where you work?    Let me know….

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  1. I must admit that I do not like where I work at all.  I’m looking for an opportunity to work where I am passionate constantly.  Unfortunately I feel under qualified for any work in the field that I’m passionate about.  I feel stuck because of the career path I did chose. 

  2. Not only do I like where I work, I wouldn’t work somewhere I didn’t like. It’s how I was raised. I’ve actually blogged about it a few times, most recently on 5 Aug ( Of course this post is beyond just where I work, but talks about enjoying what I do for work, too.

  3. After 3 years of working in a corporate job doing the thing I actually switched majors in college to avoid doing (they were the only ones hiring when I graduated), I was laid off with a lot of other co-workers, and while it almost took me a year, I now direct documentaries full time on salary and am realizing what a difference it makes to be in the industry you are passionate about (I minored instead of majoring in Film in college because I didn’t think it would be a feasible way to provide for my then future-family).

    1. I’m in the same boat. I’ve only been laid-off…this time….for 3 months but I’ve been out of work many times over the last eight years. Seems like I’m doing something wrong and I don’t know what it is.
      Stay strong, don’t allow anyone to speak negativity into your life (including YOU), and things will turn around.
      I am living proof of this.

  4. Do I like where I work?… Not really. But I don’t know what else I could do?
    My background is in promotions and marketing, and I live in a small’ish city where most businesses don’t have the revenue to hire someone.
    I think I’m lucky to even have a job.
    Plus there aren’t many jobs available in Adventure Travel (if I went with my passion)

  5. Well, i don’t have a job at all right now (for the 4th time in less than 5 years) so anything is better than nothing, but I definitely agree with you. People tell me to just “take anything” but i’ve done that far too much and that is part of the reason I am where I am now.

  6. No, I don’t like where I work… working here was not my idea. I went kicking and screaming into my ministry job. Not to sound weird, but I got a prophecy from someone I didn’t know who told me I’d be working in film/production, but first, I’d be working where I’m working now; he gave explicit details about how it would happen. I laughed out loud because there was no way I’d be working here, EVER! I was sure then the guy missed God totally on that one! But 3 years later, it happened EXACTLY the way he prophesied it would… details and all. So I knew I had to take the job that was being offered to me.
    Fast forward 5 years now and I still don’t want to be here. God has had to continually adjust my attitude, up until this very day. I’m here for experience on every level and learning to be grateful for it.

  7. This completely describes the situation I was in. Working for 5 years in a place that was a good job in the sense of paying my bills and good benefits but I was so unhappy. I had hopes and dreams…on a shelf, collecting dust. Two weeks ago I said my goodbyes and dusted off those dreams. I took a leap, well more of a plunge of faith. I’m pursuing my passion for music. Have returned to school fulltime and picked up a part-time job related to my field of study. It’s a sacrifice but I have not felt this alive for the last 5 years. Whether I’m successful or not in my endeavor, I’m making the best of the journey and experience.

    1. Congratulations on your endeavor Cirene! Your story is encouraging, I have hope to feel alive again…  thanks for sharing! I wish and pray God best for you. 

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