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Do You Have the Courage for Long Term Thinking?

In today’s cluttered and distracted world, short-term thinking rules. Social media allows instant commentary and criticism, and email, text messaging, and instant message apps let us respond to everything immediately. We’re raising a generation that expects problems to be solved this very minute. But the truth is, short term thinking doesn’t change much. Today, in politics, sports, business, or in our personal lives, very few are willing to commit to long term thinking.

In this presidential election, will the candidates do what’s best for this nation over the long term, or simply do whatever it takes to get elected?  Watch the candidates. Most are simply promising short term entitlements to gain the support of special interest groups. The vast majority of these promises do nothing to solve the significant problems in our country.

And it happens everywhere. Some athletes take the long view, while others take performance enhancing drugs.  In the Church, we’d rather read a quickie motivational or prosperity book than dig in to a lifetime of serious discipleship. In our own career, do we look at the bigger picture, or simply do whatever it takes to get by for the moment?

Great leaders don’t take short cuts. They have the courage to take the unpopular road to a greater goal.

The question is – what are the short cuts that you need to abandon, so you can reset your focus on the bigger picture?

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  1. YES! This is one of my pet peeves. Flavor-of-the-month leaders drive me crazy. I have been in that difficult place of being frustrated by a short-term focused leader…knowing I have to follow through on an initiative that will be abandoned or forgotten within a few months because they haven’t thought through how it fits into the bigger, long-term picture.

    The hard work of leadership isn’t just “weeding out” the extraneous, it’s also about “thinning out” some of the good for the sake of the best.

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