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Do You Consider Yourself a Leader or Follower?

Be honest here.  What do you think?  And let me know why…

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  1. real life questions deserves a real life answer, and gosh, i find myself undecided which of the choices fits my description, well i guess being troubled figuring out makes it obvious that i couldn’t make tough decisions. (why does it seem so hard a question for me?)

  2. At a lay witness mission in the 70s, at my church, Tyler St. UMC in Dallas, I had just learned that “a leader will emerge”. From that point, I stepped forward to be a leader, because no one else was brave enough to lead. But I have to think it was always in me to lead, as I was raised that way.
    Now, as a teacher, I always tell my students, it only takes one person to do the right thing. That means you not only take a leadership role but you have made the right decision in that you will lead by example.

  3. Wow. Either your demographic of social media followers is really skewed toward leaders or people don’t really know themselves that well.

    True test: Look around you. If people are following you, you are a leader. If not then you may be a manager or a positional “leader”, but you are not a true leader.


    1. I have to say, I answered – a leader. But reading this comment, I realize, I am not a leader, but a positional one. I want to be a leader though.

  4. I think this poll sets up a false dichotomy: you’re either a leader OR a follower, with no other option (that probably accounts for the heavy skew Dan mentions). Nobody wants to think of themselves as a mindless follower. (why do Leaders always see things as a heirarchical structure where they are at the top…?) 😉

    I would imagine you’d get a more balanced poll/better perspective by asking if people consider themselves “leaders” or “implementers.”

  5. I am more than willing to step out and take the lead yet at the same time if I am called upon to follow then I am equally confident to get it doned.

  6. I am a leader. I am also a follower. Both attributes are necessary for a leader as there are times there are people much more qualified and experienced than me in particular areas. The trick is to recognize (not fear) the talents of others and provide the means for them to succeed… by which I am still leading.

  7. The day I started dreaming the Dream of God in my life, I have decided that I am a leader. I risk my my comfort, my reservation, and even my own conceived future to what God has in store for me. Tough it is to lead a team of young and diverse young engineers of this generation and building our own name in the field of information technology which where God has called us to be. Decision is always part of our daily life, wether big or small.

  8. I am an unwilling leader. I make the decisions that no one wants to make, I take the responsibility and the blame. I’m always the one doing the job that no one else wants to do.
    I want to be a follower, but when I try I end up backseat driving. Taking orders and doing my set job sounds great until I realize I have no say in it, and then it’s hell.

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