Struggling With Distraction Is Older Than We Think

In 1925, apparently there were so many distractions in the typical workplace, that Hugo Gernsback – a writer, inventor, publisher, and member of the American Physical Society decided to do something about it. Gernsback was called by some the “Father of Science Fiction.” His writing was well known, and he created the first science fiction magazine. The result of his work on the distraction issue was called “The Isolator” and was published in the 1925 issue of “Science and Invention.”

The “Isolator” is designed to help focus the mind when reading or writing, not only by by eliminating all outside noise, but in a very interesting design, allowed the user to read just a single line of text at a time through a horizontal slit.

So the next time you feel like the distractions of the workplace are getting the best of you, just think about Hugo Gernsback, and remember that for every time and every culture, “distraction” means different things to different generations.

What do you think of Hugo’s answer to the problem?

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  1. Where can I get one of those? LOL Distractions are part and parcel of work, home or play. Try as I may I can’t shut out all distractions. I’m not a multi-tasker so it is a constant battle. I love the illustration.

  2. Having worked next to a woman who put full room air fresheners two feet from my face–she thought the building stank–and who also loved to turn her radio up so we could all listen to polka music, I would have loved to have rolled an Isolator into the workplace.

  3. Better compare we can see here between old and new technology. In the modern era we like it so much that we can take the best one by testing more. This is only for latest science invention.

  4. Science have strong effect in our life. It may older or new. So i think we need to understand the utilities about science and technology. Our new generation need to more interested in here.

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