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Disrupt Something, and Think the Unthinkable

When was the last time you shook up the thinking at your office? If it’s been too long, then maybe it’s time to start thinking the unthinkable, seeing what nobody else can see, and breaking a few rules. We are all creatures of habit, and it usually takes a jolt to shake us out of our rut. I know – I wrote a book on the subject.

But climbing outside the rut is exactly where we need to be.  So start tomorrow.  Think of the projects you’re facing at work, and then think of the most outrageous solution.  For once, just forget about budget, schedule, and rules.  Just start asking, “What’s the most elegant and perfect solution?”  Reframe the problem in a new light and see what insight comes from there.

And just for fun, see how many minds you can blow in the process.

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  1. Sounds like fun! On the flip side – not long ago I submitted a new idea (solution) for approval… it wasn’t approved, instead my idea was given to someone else at another location…. they succeeded with my “never done before” great idea…. once again. Before coming up with solutions and never-done-before ideas, make sure you’re willing to allow someone else to get the credit when they score the points… I solved their problem, not our locations problem…. which we’re still having.
    It’s challenging to think of something no one else has thought of before… that’s part of the thrill.

    1. Sounds like a future blog post idea: “How to deal with people who steal your ideas.” I’m with you Maryjo. I’ve had a lot of experience in that area…

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