Sky Angel Made a Solid Business Decision

Reports have come in that Dish Network’s new satellite designed to expand its High-Definition programming capacity failed last night. The AMC-14 satellite, which Dish was leasing from SES Americom, lifted off successfully yesterday morning. But it failed to reach it’s orbit. This was the satellite which was launched to replace the
EchoStar III bird that Sky Angel’s service was based. With this development, Sky Angel’s tough decision to move to IPTV was the correct move in order to continue the service. Had it moved to the new bird (at great expense) that failure might have bankrupted the company.

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  1. That's certainly fortunate for them.  Was the reason they chose not to take this route because they thought it represented unacceptable risk?

  2. According to the letter they sent out to viewers in January: "Market forces brought Dominion to a place where it became increasingly evident that a niche player such as Dominion could not compete and survive as a direct broadcast satellite provider on a playing field alongside much larger, publicly traded satellite operators. These other providers have had a competitive edge in the satellite business by carrying a broader range of channels, most of which Dominion would not carry due to our belief that they are not a fit with our values and are inappropriate for our Christian and family-centered programming service. By providing a product that appeals to a diverse market of subscribers, these other providers possess a strategic and financial advantage that has enabled them to provide generous incentives for satellite equipment and installation that we can not match, and their sustained subscriber growth allows them to support the vast network of satellites necessary to deliver their programming. We believe IPTV provides us with the ability to respond to this challenge to our previous business and an opportunity for Sky Angel U.S. to offer a quality, low-cost alternative."  The letter goes into a lot more detail about how the technical problems they had with the current satellite – E***star III and how they struggled to work out a new deal with DN.  Apparently they made the right decision.  This definitely would have put them under.


    I had Sky Angel for ten years on a lifetime subscription, got my moneys worth, no complaints and it certainly appears they made the right decision.

     My response on the other Sky Angel thread disappeared, apparently telling people all these Christian channels are in the sky for free and all you need is a $200.00 free to air dish to get them isn't very popular on a blog that helps represents Sky Angel and no I am not talking about Sky Angels competitor I am talking about a free to air dish you can buy from many different sources and it does just what the name implies, it picks up any free KU band stations that are in the sky.

    Christian TV is free people, wake up! 


  4. Wake up Rob ! Many Christian folks like me can't put a huge OTA dish on the side or top of our apartment building! And Gstar doesn't even come close to offering the convenience, number of channels, 48-hour rewind or VOD features that Sky Angel IPTV offers.  Long live Sky Angel IPTV. Long Live the Internet.  Long live the freedom of choice.  Praise God that the Gospel is now getting out there not just to people who can install a huge dish on their farm – but also for people that live in multi-dwelling units in the cities and also for those people who live in deed-restricted communities. Happy Easter!


    Steve, a KU band free to air dish is about the same size of the Dish Network dish you already use and I am not talking about Glorystar, if you get a motorized KU band (once again about the same size as dish) satellite dish  you can get MUCH MORE! than Sky Angel ever offered and by the way some KU band receivers have DVR capabilities so you can indeed record, rewind, etc.


  6. The truth is, the blog is filling up and we have to close off the discussion thread. Some people are going to choose to be angry and bitter because they think Sky Angel owes them – even though there’s no evidence of that. Others are thrilled the gospel can continue to be broadcast through new technology. Life happens. My car breaks down, my plumbing goes out, and my TV breaks. But I don’t blame people – that’s the way life works. Ultimately you can choose to be bitter and let that anger eat at you, or you can choose to explore new technology, find alternatives, or adjust your lifestyle to the new reality. Whatever you choose, I hope you enjoy it.

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