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Discover What You Are, by Knowing What You Are Not

Writer Ambrose Bierce said: “In my 20’s I realized I was not a poet. That was the bitterest day of my life.”  That realization opened the door to his “other” writing career that included what we all read in high school: “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”  Knowing what you are not, is just as important as knowing what you are.  But that takes a lot of brutal honesty.

Too many people are locked into the false lives, because they simply won’t face reality.  But the truth is, being honest about what you are not, could be the first step to your freedom.  Escaping a false sense of purpose could be the key to understanding your real purpose.

Is there anything you realized you were not, that opened the door to what you are today?

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  1. Yeah, a singer. Thank God for my wife’s brutal honesty when everyone else was giving me a sympathetic “pat” on the back. I completely gave up on that and aggressively and passionately pursued my pastoral/preaching ministry. 

  2. I’m feeling this post!

    For me, it was realizing that I’m not cut out for being an electrical contractor. My father left me his business, and honestly I just picked it up as a way to make money when I couldn’t find work. Ten years, bankruptcy and a divorce later, I’ve decided its time for a change.

    After much soul searching and having a series of interventions with myself, I’m now enrolling in a screen-writing course. Writing has always been my passion. And what better way to share the gospel than as God’s clandestine agent ‘sneaking’ the gospel into movie and TV scripts!

    1. That takes real courage and I applaud what you’re doing.  Oddly enough, my next book is about discovering that one big thing that you were born to accomplish.  Sounds like you’re already on the way…

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