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A Shocking Response From Many Major TV Ministries

I received an interesting note a years ago from the late Mary Hutchinson from Inspired Direct, a direct mail and fundraising company for non-profits, churches, and ministries.  Her note really shook me, because it indicts so many national media ministries.  READ THIS.  It will be worth your time:

I got involved in Christian TV more than 30 years ago because of one thing: it had the ability to reach huge numbers of people with the gospel —people who never would set foot in a church.  I was not really interested in changing the culture, or any political agenda, or being entertaining while promoting Christian morals.  It was evangelism that caused me to dedicate my career to helping dozens of these “broadcast ministries.”

Today I feel betrayed by the “industry.”  (Let’s call it what it is.  With the billions we have raised, it is indeed an industry.)

Two months ago, I set out to test the responsiveness of a few dozen of these ministries.  I selected small ones, giant ones, evangelicals and charismatics, across all the major Christian networks.  Many I knew personally, some I have worked with and some I had never heard of before I began the test.  But I was confident that if I asked any of them about the primary reason they were on television, they would say without hesitation: “To win the lost.”

Apparently, someone forgot to send this memo to their back office.

I drafted a very simple letter under an assumed name.  I thanked the ministry for being there and then asked how to accept Jesus into my heart.  I enclosed a $20 bill and listed my address in a bit of an unconventional way.

After 45 days, I had heard from more than 95% of them.  But sadly, less than 25% addressed my question about salvation in a direct, easy to understand manner.  Think about that for a second.  If we are really about evangelism, how could this be?  The most impressive of all responses was a simple letter from a smaller ministry that walked me down the road to salvation.  It was personal, direct and spoke to me from the heart.  A few others had small books dedicated to doing that as well; they just presented it in a more formal manner.  Another 20% sent me packages that contained a book, or a handful of books and DVDs, but none gave a direct answer to the most important question of all.  In fact, one up-and-coming TV preacher sent me such a large package of “stuff” that it cost him $8.10 to mail it to me!

From a seeker’s point of view, how would you know what to do with all of this stuff?   The rest—the majority—did not respond at all to my question.  I was thanked for my gift and put on a direct mail list.  I received magazines, newsletters and lots of stuff.  But no answers.

By the end of the test, I was shocked, sad and angry.  But here is the truth: I think all of these preachers would be horrified to know this happened.  But they are too busy to know about it.  They have messages to write, funds to raise, personal and personnel issues and TV programs to produce.  They trust their managers to know their heart’s desire and make it happen.  I think they would also be horrified to know what else I learned as well: More than 80% of the ministries either failed to thank this new donor (the one that cost them between $70-$300 to acquire) within a month’s time, or they didn’t have a system to notice and fix the minor address issue—an issue that is hurting (and costing) them every day.

We should ask them:  Are you one of these TV ministries?

If I could face them this would be my challenge.  Today, ask the senior person in your ministry to tell you what happens when some asks in letter form about salvation.  But don’t stop there. Then have your secretary test the system on the side.  Know what really happens.  Meanwhile, make sure someone is always looking at your ministry from the viewers’ living room.  Someone has to be an advocate for them.  They are a silent, invisible audience that is easy to overlook.

I will not share in public all I learned.  They should be glad I am not 20/20 or 60 Minutes.  My heart is to help fix this now.


First – I’d love to hear your reaction to Mary’s note.  I’ve always felt that most media ministries are in bad shape from an operational standpoint, but I had no idea it was this bad.  Have you experienced anything like this?
Second, if you think you’re one of these major media ministries, you should call Mary and find out how your organization in particular responded (I hope she’ll give you that info).
Third, I highly recommend you talk to SOMEBODY about auditing your ministry systems to make sure you’re actually doing what you SAY you are.

Mary’s info is:

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  1. “I’m shocked! shocked, do you hear me, that there is gambling going on in this establishment!” “Here are your winnings sir!”

    I am not shocked at all. Sad, not shocked. Years ago, I sat in a church choir…for two years, sat in the church choir and NO ONE asked me if I had a personal relationship with Jesus, never even discussed what I believed. I had NO idea why reading the Bible might be important and yet there I was, Sunday after Sunday singing along with the living dead. So, a ministry not addressing the most basic need of those that “use” their services? Not shocked at all.

    It is my estimation that about 70% of those that attend church, tithe regularly and are active are not saved. The reason that I feel that way is that I look at their fruit. It does not take a genius to realize the blatant disregard for those dear pew potatoes. The Gospel has not been heard in a long in many churches. And they may not be lukewarm if they REALLY knew Jesus, they’d be HOT, HOT, HOT or counting the cost, they would leave. Even Jesus warned…”On that day, they will cry Lord, Lord…get away from me you evil doers. I never knew you.” Mat 7:23. 

  2. Wow! I can understand though. When I was a teenager I donated to this TV ministry. They somehow got multiple misspellings of my name in their database. I got multiple letters SENT ESPECIALLY TO ME with a message from heaven to give them more money. My favorite was a small plastic baggie containing what was supposedly a few grains of concrete. I was instructed to pray over the concrete and send it back with a big offering so a temple could be built. Whacky!

  3. really no suprise at all. Most of these ministries are often times affiliated with very liberal theological stances….if you don’t believe the gospel yourself-how can you tell others about it? Is anything that is on TBN, daystar, etc really worth watching. The last worthwhile Christian TV/movie I saw that had the gospel in it, was Fireproof….Daystar should just broadcast John McAurthor, Jon Piper, or Randy Alcorn, or someone that holds firm to the precious Word of God for free (without charging the ministries) to ensure decent preaching is coming across the airwaves…

  4. To me, the shocking thing is that Mary really thinks these ministries exist to win the lost.  As I see it, most of these ministries exist to sell themselves.

  5. I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve been disgusted with TV ministry for several years now.  Like Mary said, it’s an industry–a badge of arrival.  Most churches I know of consider a radio/tv ministry to be a major goal, and when they get there, they “have arrived.” Disgusting.  What’s the point? I don’t think they know, as Mary has illustrated.

    I have to say, though, as a Youth Pastor, this has at least served to remind me why I do what I do.  I get so caught up in my programs and systems, that I forget to just love on people, meet them where they are, and share the gospel.

  6. I read this and immediately went to our staff and asked what we do.  Evidently, we send a letter with the plan of salvation along with my Dad’s little booklet “Your New Life” which also has the plan of salvation along with what to do after you make the decision.  That would be it.  I’m thinking we would do well with a prepaid response card of some sort that they could just drop in the mail.   


    This post made me almost physically ill.  If we all only knew how much we were going to be held accountable to God then I believe that 1) half the people that are in “ministry” would get out and 2) the rest of us would proceed with fear and humility.  When will we, collectively, begin to take God and ministry seriously again? 


  7. I read Mary’s article with interest and sadness. For far too long, major religious broadcasters have complained about the unfair treatment we have received by a cynical and suspicious culture, branding each of us as “just another PTL,” existing to either outdue the other ministries or to simply earn a buck. This may be the purpose of a scant few but I can say whole-heartedly that this is the furthest intention of many. I have been involved in religious broadcasting for well over 32 years. I have seen the good and the bad. When taking over as President of this ministry over four years ago, I was blessed to continue a tradition of evangelical motivation at any cost. If you call the 800 service following our broadcast, our operators are instructed to present the plan of salvation and assure a person’s stature with Jesus Christ before any word concerning order fulfillment is even mentioned. I monitor these calls on occasion and feel we maintain our intent to the highest degree. We are not perfect by any means and, yes, it takes money to keep the doors open and the programs coming; however, I strongly stand on the premise that God will bless what belongs to Him and have staked my reputation and administration on salvation first and money-making second.

  8. The Greater Grace World Outreach in Baltimore, Maryland has three services a week and I can’t remember ever not hearing an invitation at each one to receive Christ and become born-again.

    They provide material for each one who accepts Christ and follows up on them  They also have a Bible School and  radio program five days a week where questions can be answered, etc.

  9. I appreciate Mary’s input and insight, but being one of those Executives that run a large, international ministry I have to tell you that your assumptions – in many cases – may be wrong.  For years I have been addressing this very issue with our Sr. Pastor, and have presented to him several ideas.  I have been looking to him for direction and a clear strategy where he would be willing to implement (and pay for) the creation and implementation of  a simple follow-up program that woudl include a simple salvation message and discipleship path for those who contact our ministry. 

    I can tell you… Sr. Pastor’s ALWAYS have time for the things that they deem important.  They have time to write that book with a big advance, or go to that Conference that has a huge crowd or honorarium.  Additionally I believe that the heart and passion of the staff and team that produce these programs is two fold… 1.  To introduce people to the life changing relationship with Jesus and  2.  Help these individuals grow in the knowledge of the Word.  This is why we got into the ministry – They are doing everything they can to further those purposes, but without the Pastor being actively involved in the strategy this is very difficult.  For many reasons, ministries have been forced on “expanding the brand”, which is typically centered around the personality… rather than the sake of the Kingdom. 

    Many pastors are happy as long as their name and face being expanded across the globe and measure success by number of viewers, new names, new partners, overall income, full events, online product sales and book deals.  Those have become the measure of success – NOT salvations.  Like the secular world, our success is being measured by popularity and name recognition rather than the purpose of turning hearts toward Jesus.

    I encourage you and others not to be too quick to push the blame of these results onto the Managers and Producers of these ministries and programs – but ultimately the Sr. Pastor must be help both accountable and responsible for what is going on.  I can assure you that we would be thrilled to refocus our efforts more in changing lives, rather than simply promoting a person that has the “gift” of communications. 

    I dont mean to come across as a Cynic.  I have given my life to further the message of Christ around the world.  These results from Mary should serve as a wake up call for Sr. Pastors.  I would encourage these pastors not to go with judgement to their ministry leaders, but rather go to them with humility and offer to join with them to change.

  10. Disappointed but not surprised. Senior and mid management often must push the edge so the leader’s vision or BHAG will come to pass. Pragmatism reigns, and pragmatism leaves little room for individual compassion. It is easier to preach the gospel to a mass audience than it is to preach to one. And reaching one at a time is a lousy fund raising proposition. 

    Nice work Mary. You have challenged me.

  11. The Word teaches us to seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all the other things would be added. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what we preach when we get caught up in the day to day. And as a mentor of mine says quite frequently, “You can expect what you inspect”.  Thank you Mary for inspecting. I hope every ministry whether they were included in Mary’s experiment or not will look at all aspects of their ministry through the light of Matthew 6:33.

  12. I am concerned that Mary Hutchinson would send false information to these ministries. I know, “research.” But ethical? It’s a worry. Two wrongs don’t make a right and I would say the “research” is tainted.

  13. Anon… come on

    Mary works for some of the organizations that she ran this test on.  If her piece of “white mail” was actually read by an actual person in the actual ministry headquarters — then her name might be recognized and her test be revealed and then — actually tainted.

    Like Mary, I have also donated to many ministries with variations of my name and address in order to track their response to my gift and try to learn from their attempts to entice me to a higher level of donor. 

    It’s research — that’s how we determine what works.

    But back to the real question — is anybody still in religious broadcasting because of souls?   Or are we just concerned with how to aquire a new donor with our latest piece of Jesus Junk? 

  14. Priority list for everyone:

    1. Honor God

    2. Help people

    3, 4, 5, etc…you fill in the rest but leave “make the phone ring” off of the list.



  15. I work for an Australian broadcaster and recently needed to contact a major international ministry to ask about supply of dvd’s for a viewer (they couldn’t find how to order a dvd on their website – neither could I for that matter – hence the email enquiry through their web based enquiry form).

    I never received a reply to my questions but I made it on to their mailing list and now receive regular letters in the mail (international post) asking me to ‘plant into the ministry’, ‘don’t miss this opportunity to be blessed beyond my wildest dreams’, ‘God has a special blessing waiting for me if I will only take this step of faith’ (ie give money – not become a Christian).

    Disillusioned much? I’ll say.

  16. I think it is all about the money.  It cost money to do more than just remove and deposit the gifts. 


    Yes, the tail is wagging the dog.

  17. come on, how else will you test a system to see whether or not its working? All organisations do this: send a mock client to see whether or not they meet expectations. It has nothing to do with false information or unethical research. In fact I would pay someone to do that for my organisation. If anything, she is doing the body of Christ a huge favour pointing out this lapse in meeting our basic call!

  18. I find it interesting that I’ve sent half a dozen e-mails over the past couple of months to BIOLA about the last conference and have gotten NO response whatsoever.  I wish I knew someone connected to the ministry who could say something to someone and get that checked on.  Oh, well.

  19. Not every ministry must exist for spreading the gospel. Some can legitimately exist for building up the Christians, for doing research, or for other purposes. However, they should all respond to such a request. As they do, they should also keep in mind that the Bible never says to ask Jesus into your heart. It DOES, however, command us to turn from sin and to trust in God; to believe Jesus and to confess him as Lord. They should have something simple and direct that tells people to do those things, with quoted verses. To ignore such a request indicates that they are either seriously disorganized or serious off-base spiritually or both.

  20. Might be wise to stop calling these guys “pastors” as they don’t pastor the flock, they just throw out the feed once a week. Who shepherds anymore? How can you shepherd 1000, 10,000, or more. May God give us shepherds who can truly be called pastors once again!

  21. I produced a one hour TV special for an internationally known Church that generated a far bigger response to the gospel than we had telephone lines to receive. Shame really, because I asked three times to use our dedicated call centre, but we couldn’t because it had to be reserved for product sales CDs etc. We literally turned people away from the Kingdom of God because we were too interested in money – not that I even got paid for the many weeks of work I put into producing the show.  

  22. Russ, you are correct, Honoring God & Helping People are the two most important things, but you cant just leave the rest off the list if you want to be able to pay the people that work at your ministry, pay the bills, etc. The ministry side of ministry is and always should be the most important thing, but the reason so many ministries struggle when it comes to operations is because they don’t realize is that there is a business side to take care of as well. You cant just forget about that and hope God will just take care of it because its a ministry. That is a common mistake. God gave us hands, feet, a brain, wisdom, etc. so that we would use it….making the phone ring should not be the most important thing, but it should definitely be on the list…when the phone rings it means that we are having another opportunity to minister to someone…yes it also means the opportunity to sell a resource or get a donation, but that is how ministries fund being able to continue doing more ministry…the gospel is free, but the media pipeline that carries it is not free…not even close.

    peace, Dan

  23. I well remember a church I was active in even though they made no bones about me not being welcome there.  The pastor would go out of his way to make sure I knew I was tolerated but not invited.  However, I was learning about myself, my personal relationship to God, and my ability to be a better Christian, so I went anyway.  The inability to give simple direction to an individual is not just confined to a large TV preacher or even to a large community.  I finally convinced them that I wanted to be baptized, and I was.  The celebration was that I was number 72 and they were on track to baptize 100 people that year.  So the fact I gave my life to Christ elicited no personal response what so ever, not even from the head preacher who kept making it known to me that I should go to church somewhere else.  I was a single dad then, and his was a “family” church.

  24. Ever heard of the defense lawyer passing a note to the other lawyer on his defense team?


    And hinting at the prosecutor’s ulterior motives is a knife-in-the-back-with-a-smile way to denounce them.

  25. oh my, this test and its results – and a lot of these comments – are a sad commentary on how we have lost our way!  I hope Mary is sending each of those ministries involved a note about how they performed just so they can improve wherever possible… like her, i want to believe the best about most of these guys – that they DO care about lost souls more than the latest financial crisis and are just unaware and badly managed.  And for us who help these ministries raise their funds – shame on us if we have managed to get them more stirred up about their money than their mission.  You need money to carry out most ministry – that’s for sure.  But it should never get so important that the ONE in need is lost. Jesus is always about the ONE, the person … not the program. Great test, Mary. 

  26. “…asked how to accept Jesus into my heart.”  That’s a tricky question, isn’t it?  Jesus tells Nicodemus in John 3 that, “ 3In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.” So, one reading of this is to preach that Christ died for sinners, that all have fallen short of God’s glory, to call upon people to REPENT, then rely on the Holy Spirit to “rebirth” the dead unto life.  The other way to read it is to compel someone to pray a sinner’s prayer or something like it ( and really, really mean it ) and have that person initiate their rebirth.  –  As far as I can figure out so far, media/para-church ministries are a declarative voice in the Kingdom, and are best in their role as bible/media dispensers.  The church is equipped and called to make disciples; something the para-church cannot do.  So, in response to someone sending $20.00 and a request as how to pray Jesus into their heart, I think the best response is to quote John 3, or some similar text and based upon zip/country code, recommend a LOCAL CHURCH to be there for the potential new believer. – Why should we place on para-church ministries expectations they can’t deliver? 

  27. Anon, with all due respect, isn’t posting your response anonymusly a variation on exactly that with which you seem concerned? Is it not fair to test how such a lost soul reaching out might be received, or would you prefer that Mary go on a 3-day drinking binge and temporarily forsake Christ in order to get the results of her research? 

  28. I’ve been involved in TV ministry in india for the last 10yrs.  It is true what Mary’s report says. My last job was as Manager Productions for a Christian TV Network in South India.  What I understood over the years is that people who donate millions of dollars for spreading the gospel, do it with a big heart and lot of sacrifice.  Sadly, the reality is that the pastors, evangelists that they fund are just crazy to be seen on tv.  It has become more of a fashion (to be on TV) than passion for lost souls.  I am sorry for being such a cynic but this is a hard reality here in south India.  The good news is that there are few who do it with real passion.  Souls are still being saved through TV ministry inspite of such half hearted approach. Pockets of India are very anti Gospel and the only means of sharing Gospel is through television.  Lets pray that God would raise people who have the zeal and the courage to share the Gospel in India.

  29. The Church was built on five values: (1) The Lordship of Jesus Christ (2)The Priesthood of every believer (3)Honoring and obedience to The Holy Spirit (4) Growing spiritually and numerically through covenant relationships, and (5) No one among us shall lack.

    Based on the structure of the Church in the New Testament, it is clear that the ‘system’ of television ministries today CANNOT minister to the needs of individual believers. Their values are (1) Our flavor of Jesus Christ (2) We are the answer to your needs – not Jesus (3) You obey the Holy Spirit by giving to my ministry (4)Get on my mailing list (5)Send me your money so I can be rich and make you believe that by giving to me you can be blessed.

    Finally, television can be an asset if used properly. I pray for the day when this will be accomplished. I am glad that Mary did not make her findings public. I also hope these ‘tested’ ministries will contact her to find out how they measured up. Sadly, most of them are in a hyper-spiritual bubble and don’t realize how the foundation beneath them is slowly crumbling.

  30. I guess I am putting myself out in the line of fire as the only one who will speak up for some of the more than 70 percent of the ministries that responded, but seemed to have failed the test put forward by Mary.


    My question is this: What is the outrage about? Mary sent in “a $20 bill” with the question “how to accept Jesus in my heart?” Okay…no problem. She got a response from 95% of the ministries. We should be relieved that a vast majority of the ministries responded to her request.  All of this angry should be pointed at the 5% who did not appear to care about her important inquiry enough to respond. I am disturbed about that!



    I move on…


    According to the research, less than 25% gave her a simple, direct answer to her question about how to accept Jesus into her heart.  Okay…she did not get a personally address letter from most, but she did get the following:


    1. – “small books dedicated to doing that (answering the question)…presented…in a more formal manner”.  Okay…she got something that she could read and study instead of a direct answer…put the letter down…it is done.  She got, from what I gather from the article, a book to answer her question.  I love it! What is the problem?


    2. – “Another 20 percent sent…packages that contained a book, or a handful of books and DVDs”.  Again, what is the problem? That is okay with me. Look at the material, get your answer, and so much more. Again, I love it!


    3. – “one up-and-coming TV preacher sent me such a large package of ‘stuff’ that it cost him $8.10 to mail it to me”.  So, this “up-and-coming TV preacher” took the time to have a “large package” sent out to help Mary with your question?  And there is a problem with that because he or she did not give a “direct answer”? Come on people…this “up-and-coming TV preacher” invested $8.10 into Mary’s life.  He or she did not just want to give an answer, but I am hoping and assuming that the “large package” had information to help Mary beyond Romans 10:9. NO PROBLEM WITH THAT!  What do you do after you accept Jesus in your heart is very important.  Give me the name of this preacher so I can send an offering.  I would love more ministries to invest that much into people.


    We should thank God these ministries took this “test” seriously and responded to Mary. She may not have received a personal, direct answer, but I am sure most of them sent her some good material that if she REALLY wanted to accept Jesus in her heart the information was made available and so much more.


    No problem with this research. I am not sick or disgusted. I am relieved that 95% of the ministries responded.


    Please be gentle with the spears…I am open to all responses. God bless you all.


  31. i loved this article and in particular, this comment. of course, it’s difficult to walk the line between ministry and industry when you’re dealing with budgets, personnel and personal issues daily…it’s overwhelming; and the sly, demon of pride is normally somewhere in or around the camera lens. Flesh doesn’t handle notoriety well…The biggest challenge is maintaining humility in the midst of it all…I am sympathetic toward leaders AND staff; it’s a huge fight, but it’s what we signed on for, so let’s continue to prayerfully move forward and DO what we’ve been Commissioned to DO…

  32. My experience is that this letter could be written about most churches as well, only it’s often not so easy to find an address or email or phone number for them so you have a way to ask how to receive Christ before you don’t get an answer.

  33. Yikes! Sadder than sad.  This syndrome is not limited to broadcast ministries. It’s a disease in many other ministries.  Sometimes it stems from the view that leadership and management are two distinct arenas. (“We’ll think of the big ideas–and then hire paper pushers to do the grunt work.”)

    Instead…leaders must manage, and managers must lead.  I discuss this a bit in my book, Mastering the Management Buckets: 20 Critical Competencies for Leading Your Business or Nonprofit.  Broadcast ministries should read four key chapters: The Customer Bucket, The Operations Bucket, The Systems Bucket and The Donor Bucket.


  34. I think that is so true.  I have been involved in leadership roles in various churched and denominations.  They all had the same problems.  I am now a member of a church that if the members are not saved it is because they don’t want to be.  Pastor Steve gives an invitation every service.  He constantly challenges his flock to strive to live their faith.  If you are not producing “fruit” you will not even be considered for any ministry responsibility.  This includes choir, praise team, childrens ministries, etc.  My wife expressed an interest in praise team and received a book of lifestyle requirements and personal belief requirements.  If she can abide by them and they arer strict she can meet with them to discuss it further.  Our church is being blessed and givcen plenty of service opportunities.  We have our focus placed directly on Christ and his call!  I am happy to say my wife has a meeting tomorrow night with th epraise team.  I am pleased to say my family is serving the Lord!   

  35. Daniel’s comment is the most insightful from my point of view. And the problem is not merely in “TV” it is in the contemporary view of “Church.” 

    The Mega-church that is now so prevalent was been put on corporate steroids by Rick Warren. He is quite explicit in stating he modeled his approach on corporate America. But the Church is NOT a non-profit (or for some, profit) organization, the scripture clearly describes it as a living organism.

    Nowhere does the scripture outline the pastor as the “Big Man” fearless-leader; in fact of all the 5 fold Ephesians 4 offices, if there were such a Wizard of OZ, papal function to be emulated in the local congregation, would it be the pastor? (Nope, probably the “prophet” – but the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets.)

    When the Church is built around the personality of one of its servants it is not functioning according to biblical models. 

    Most TV ministries are merely telecines of the contemporary disfunction in modern Churchianity.

    The vibrancy and humanness of the Church is much more engaging and refreshing than the contemporary ‘traditions of men’ let on. 


  36. I’m not sure what to think about this and all of the comments. I’m sure some of the missions tested fly against my expression of faith. I know they do.

    That said. Nobody gets it right. Not me, not you, not them, not Mary. Conservative or liberal.  We all fail because we are frail humanity. C,S. Lewis understood and wrote on this.  We will always be disappointed when we put our personal yard stick to each other.  We fail, but God in his grace meets us in our attempts at getting it right. And so should we. Mary is your response to your own test the right one? I might not think so. Or I might. There is so much in the church that makes me sad, disappoints, makes me crazy even. But I try to respect the dynamic nature of our global church. Remember I said try.

    You know, in my city…we had one Christian radio station.  But nobody could agree what type of music was Christian.  So in the end…nobody was happy, nobody supported the station and now we don’t have a Christian radio station.  What was gained?  Silence. But I’m very sure everybody was very sure they knew what Christian music was. Everybody had it right. Everybody had the right response. Or did they?

    Be very careful as you start down this road of  seeking out the failure of others. You may not like the end of that road. I’ve been down that road and what I found was my own failures. With a Little help from God.  Grace….the grace you give today maybe the grace you need tomorrow.  Don’t forget the plank and the splinter. Worry about what you do. That is the best salt and light. And pray nobody tests you and finds you wanting. Because some will.  Peace and grace.

  37. I say to any individual christian or church who’s enthusiasm about serving and worshipping God in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ may be somewhat depressed: You may have to do as Mary and Joseph did, retrace your steps until you find where you left Jesus behind. God Bless


    Good for you, “Went Anyway”. As you surely know, that kind of “panting after” God is such that He blesses. I hope you have also been led to forgive those people and the head preacher. It always amazes that God can even bless through the mouth of a donkey…

  39. Most of the TV peeps are fake for instance in Africa we have around 800 million people so the ministries tell you that they have a POTENTIAL viewing audience of 800 million, that is not a lie but they know that it is not the truth, there are only 1.5 million decoders in service so they cannot have that many people they cannot have more than 1.5 million downloads that is presuming that everyone is watching one of the three “Christian Networks”

    So what shall I do? put your money into your own local church.

    Sooner or later they all lie and we help them to do just that, I for one am ashamed and will have to answer to God for my part.


  40. Terribly sad for our so called church leaders. There are so many buts and whys that are raised in our minds. Here we focused first on the media ministries not functioning as they properly should. Yet, how mnay indeed in the church are dong just like that, indeed, in which their focus has been a bit thwarted, missing the whole point due to the many responsibilities they have to attend to?  Aren’t we all are like that, even as individuals, sometimes, dealing with the personal issues of our lives. Church-goers are disullusioned. If the matured ones are complaining how do we expect to nurture and convince to the babes in Christ, indeed. There’s so much that pastors and leaders have failed to do. I think of this one thing: I can’t wait for the pastor and if you have had some maturity in your life, then do something worthwhile for the Kingdom. So true about what one says here on evangelism. Until now, i cannot find a better church, maybe because like as they said there’s no perfect church. Maybe they really don’t exist or if they do, they can last for only a week or so and then back to their own imperfections again. I don’t have all the answers, i can’t make all the wrong things right, but i certainly can do something outside the church or organization, if i don’t intend to join the team of those that can fix them properly. We do all have flaws. It’s great that some people have aired this, and this we hope can make a change, kind of a  checker and like as Mary had done, to make an investigation that’s finally ended in a shock.

  41. I totally agree.  To say how to get saved without information about what to do next is like helping a woman give birth and nobody giving her further information about what to do next with the new baby.  This ministry took the initiative to send materials to answer questions she hasn’t asked yet.  The Church is to be a sign post and always point the way.  That sounds like concern to me.  I think this ministry response was misunderstood my Mary, who was well intentioned, I’m sure.

  42. I would also like to say something similiar to M. Wooding’s post.   I am not a new convert anymore and sometimes miss that rose colored glasses stage.  Ignorance was bliss.  Because now I have to see the faults within the Body of Christ and deal with that knowledge properly.  I find it to be like a loaded gun–you’d better handle with much care. 

  43. I understand what you are saying, but I must also ask, why didn’t you take the initiative?Ultimately, the person responsible for your relationship with Christ is you.




    TEL. 0044 118 962 3200

    Hi Brother,

    I was in Wellington and over there the local priest told me that St.Thomas went there and he was known as Christ among the locals. The people who adopted to His Views or the Workers of the Vineyard of God were known as christs and not Christians as to day. Portuguese Pope went there and told them only one Christ Jesus and those who believed in St.Thomas to be a Christ were burnt alive and their Books burnt.

    I also preach Christianity and if interested, I can deliver a lecture on the Virgin Birth of Jesus or we can have a mutual talk. This coming Sunday, I am visiting London and could meet you in the afternoon. I am attending this Carol singing at Methodist Church Hall, Westminster. Are you going there please?

    I am from the Punjab and here is what I preach:-


    You have heard of the Book Gnostics but not the living who can interpret those Gnostic and other Gospels explaining in details the Riddles or Parables.

    I have done research and have found that Sikhism is continuation of Christianity and Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second coming of Christs Jesus. To prove my point, I have put up 1550 Youtube Videos and every day, I add one or two.

    I can help produce a series on the Exposition of the New Testament and can tell you how the things went wrong the Messianic Jews killed the Apostles and the Christianity. I can help produce endless documentaries explaining every thing on Christianity and Sikhism. I also know the Real Islam of the Gentile.

    We can have a mutual meeting to discuss how to go about it please.

    Finally, I have received these Treasures FREE from my Father and Freely I give. No charge for my services as my Father pays me.

    Here is a taster of what I can do:-








    This simple question, hardly any one knows. It shows the degree of Darkness and if you love Darkness, then you become the Blind Guide of the blind leading them into the Pits of death, which are sectarian riots, holocausts, wars, etc.

    Jesus came to render us Peace and not wars. Here is my X-Mass greetings:-

    Why Peter is the Rock?


    No Rock, no Church of God but Church of England, headed by Queen, the head of Mammon.

    So, Christianity is not a JOKE. First pass the test of St.Peter, then you enter into the Church of God.

    I am very much interested in visiting Mount Athos and if you know of any one going there, I would appreciate it. I understand that the British people need a Permit to go there.

    I live in England and preach Christianity. I have found a lot of wealth in Greece as they maintained the Original Holy Books that the Messianic Jews corrupted. It is my intention to visit Greece and if your Church is interested, I can give a discourse on Christianity in which people are encouraged to ask questions.

    Christmas is approaching and I have written an article on the Virgin Birth of Jesus and if you like it, why not turn it into the Nativity Play please? I can help you wherever you need. I travel at my own expense and stay at my own expense too. Like Paul, I do not be a burden on any. If you like my views, then it is good and if you do not like it then it is equally good.


    Many people know that Jesus was born of a Virgin in the manger of an Inn situated in Bethlehem, the birth place of king David, the lion of Judah tribe, and He died a very humiliating death on the cross at a place much haunted and feared by people. But why it happened so?

    Why the Virgin Birth? – The answer is very simple for the twice-born people of “spirit”, who are capable of “perceiving” and “intuition” based upon logical reasoning. At the same time it is well beyond the apprehension of the once-born people of “flesh”, who are capable of “seeing” only and they believe what they could see or prove in material terms or scientifically. Thus, they take the Holy Books by the “letters”. No wonder such people are also called the “People of the Book” and they address Super Servant Christ Jesus as Lord Jesus Christ so that they too could Lord over the others in His name.

    Prophet Jesus, the First anointed Christ (Satguru) of God was to appear among the people of Judah tribe who at the times of king David were highly religious people and had a good knowledge of the Holy Books such as Torahs. They used to obey the moral laws of Moses to the very “letters” and for their religious devotions; they were called the “angelic people” or DEVTAS. But the act of “adultery” by king David was a “sin” that put the people of Judah tribe to a great “shame”.

    However, in this Dark Age, things happen just the “opposite” to the past “enlightened” Ages. Thus, the most religious people of Judah tribe become the “highly” satanic people (exploiters of the religious knowledge) of the tribes of Isaac and they turned the shameful act of “adultery” by their king David into an act of great pride to be boasted off publicly with such an “arrogance” that if our king David did it, so why couldn’t we do it in the “steps” of our great king David. In short, the people of the Judah tribe were too clever for the rest of the tribes of Isaac.

    The nature of these satanic people of Judah tribe was well illustrated in Judas Iscariot, the only disciple of Judah tribe who, like his forefathers, was well versed in the “letters” and accounts. It is also true of the people of Khatri tribe in India, who became administrators of the kings. It was he who begged Jesus to take him on for his literary skills, especially to handle the “purse”. The Omniscient Jesus knew his love of Mammon and his smart
    ness culminated in taking a bribe of 30 Shackles to deceive Jesus. By the time of Last Supper, every Trained Worker (People call them Disciples) knew the character of Judas Iscariot too well to be told and so, at the Last Supper Jesus rebuked Judas Iscariot and turned him away for his smartness and dirty heart before He started to baptised the rest of His eleven Workers in the Last Supper rites of sacrifice know as the Eucharist of Sacrifice.

    Further, people knew that Jesus has come in the line of David among these satanic people of Judah tribe, who had become the bad characters. But when a woman saw Jesus doing good “deeds” worthy of the qualities (salt) of old king David, then she remarked, “You are a real son of David” in qualities but not in quantity or in flesh. Remember that Jesus healed many Jewish people but hardly any one of them thanked him whilst a Gentile, when he was healed not only thanked Jesus but he also followed him or went for Light.

    Whilst the Gentile who were considered by the smart people of the BOOK, the so called Jews, to be the “simpletons”, the “stones”, become the great religious people of “spirit”, the Saints and earned the fame that organisations like the present “Good Samaritan” openly speak of. St.Philip in His Gospel Says, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. Thus, the Gentiles are more spiritual than the Jews dead in Letters.

    Now, the tribal “identity” of “flesh” establishes one’s link or “covenant” with our ancestors or Adam and by doing so one becomes a “son of Man”, which Jesus termed as the “wheat” plants, that our heavenly father, the demiurge “creator” Yahweh, planted in this field of world – Matt. 13.24-30. But if you hide or severe your tribal link with your ancestors as the people at present are doing so by becoming the so-called Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, etc. of the “flesh” and not remaining of their “hearts” or “spirit”, then such people become the “tares”, the “sons of Satan” or the fanatics and such fanatics perform “bastardly” deeds befitting Satan that create “hell” as it is being done in the Panjab, Lebanon, Israel, Bosnia, N. Ireland, etc. Adam and his seeds are Noble men.

    This distinction between the “flesh” and the “spirit” St.Paul clarified in His Saying, “A Jew is one who is inwardly (of the heart or spirit) and not outwardly (of the flesh or tribe)”. About these “tares” Jesus, said, “Every plant (person), which (who) my heavenly father, the creator, did not Plant (has lost his tribal identity of flesh or has severed his link or covenant with Adam, ancestors, or Abraham) shall be uprooted (killed) along with the “roots”, the fanatic supporters”. Christ Nanak Dev Ji stressed this in His Saying, “BEEO BEEJ (those who keep covenant with their tribal elders) PATT LAE GAYAE (would have their family honour intact).

    It was this tribal covenant with Abraham that St. Stephen, the first Bishop of the Church of God was trying to explain and establish before the high priest or the chief Rabbi in the Temple, the Master Viper, that the Satan ordered his mountain of “fanatics” to stone him to death but he prayed for them to become sensible.

    So, when Jesus was born most of the Jews, especially of the Judah tribe, were the Jews of “flesh”, the “tares”, which, the creator, our heavenly father, did not plant and he does not want to know them. Such “tares” were not worthy of the “baptism” of John in water and He stressed that by branding them a “brood” of vipers. These “vipers”, the spiritually sick people especially of the Judah tribe needed Jesus, the Great Spiritual Doctor, most and, therefore, Jesus took birth among them, the “tares”, not in a normal way but of a “Virgin”. As the Samaritans were not so spiritually sick, they did not care for Jesus and Samaritan village where a Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, John 4, demonstrated the spiritual heights they were enjoying. She had overpowered all the Five spiritual temptations of heart to be a Perfect Virgin for the Bridal Chamber with enough Oil in her Lamp.

    Remember that the Light, Christ Jesus, came among his own and they rejected the Light in favour of the Darkness of Satan. That is why Jesus spent more time in the hostile Judea region and it were the Churches in the Judea region who not only expelled the Apostles from their region as they loved Darkness but they also persecuted the Apostles by putting them alive before the animals.

    Why in the manger of the Inn? – Now, “Inn” is symbolic of the “Church of God” in that as an “inn” is open to general public for the physical rest, so is the “Universal Church of God”, open to the people of all nationalities and colours for the “spiritual” rest or regeneration. Further, in the Church of God, unlike the Church of England, where the king/queen of Mammon is the head, the lowest or the greatest Servant, and not a Lord, is the Head of the Church. So Jesus, our Royal High Priest being the Head of our universal Church of God could not be born anywhere else than the lowest place, the manger of the inn and that too among the stable animals, which “serve” people as the beast of “burden”. Jesus is our Elder anointed Brother and not a Lord.

    As people are born in the tribal homes of their fathers, so, this humble Birth of Jesus in the manger of an Inn is an “implicit” proof that the Father of Jesus was not a normal father in flesh but God in Whose Universal House the Church of God He took His Birth. The stress laid by St.Paul that Jesus was second Adam also confirms His Virgin Birth and Jesus always addressed Mary as a Woman and not as a mother. The Mother of Jesus was Holy Spirit with God as Father. If Mary were His mother, then there would have been a father too of similar nature i.e. of flesh. In other words, Mary was a Medium through which Jesus appeared in flesh and lived among us. Thus, Christ Jesus was a floating Medium to convey us the Gospel of the Royal Kingdom of God. People in Adam inherit earth and have houses to rest their heads but our Jesus had none foxes have holes to rest their heads but not the Son of Man.

    Here it is worth explaining the Parable that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than a rich man. Now, camel serves people and is humble and obedient to his master but a rich man does not serve people but he rather rules or lords over people. So, it is easier for a camel to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God than for a rich haughty man. That is in God, it is the service and humbleness that counts and not the riches of the person.

    Now, if Queen, who is the head of Mammon in Great Britain and she is also the head of the Church of England and the so-called defender of faith, then if she herself cannot pass through the “eye” of the needle, how could the others whose faith she is defending do so? She is rather the defender of faith in Mammon as her soldiers glorified God by defending and expanding her Empire; whilst the humble soldiers of God like the Brother William Booth was cast out of the Churches of England.

    Further, Jesus when He was twelve years old, the age at which a boy is certain to know who his father is, stayed behind in Jerusalem in His Fathers House whilst Joseph and Mary came looking for him, is also a proof that His Father was God and not a human one. Remember that the Hajj rites of Abraham used to be for the boys aged 12 to 16 to establish their covenants with their tribal elders called Ilah and it is not for the grown up men or women as it is presently happening that also reflects the degree of religious Darkness. Further, when he became adult to look after His Fathers Home, He turned the tables of the traders telling them that His Fathers House is for spiritual business of prayer and meditation and not for the secular businesses of making money through trading.

    Now, the death of Jesus became a controversial issue among the people of the BOOK, the so-called Christians. This issue is best tackled by knowing that whatsoever applies to “flesh”, the opposite applies to the matters of “spirit”. Thus, in flesh every one of us has his ow
    n parents whilst in spirit all of us have God as our single Parent, both Mother and Father. Kings rest their heads in the comforts of their palaces, whereas our Royal King had no place even to rest His head. This is because Jesus was not born in a tribal home but in His Father’s Home devoted to spreading Gospel, He had no tribal home to rest his head or return to. That is why He like John, the Baptist who became Eunuch for the King of Heaven, they both took to wilderness, the land that does not belong to any tribe or they do not want to own any. Both John and Jesus remained celibate and they never married any one.

    Kings normally die a natural death in the comforts of their palaces well attended by their courtiers and nobles whilst our Royal King Jesus was to face an un-natural death of a very humiliating nature at a place much haunted and feared by the general public and that too among the company of two criminals; one of “flesh” who asked Jesus to set him free through His miraculous Powers whilst the other of “spirit” of the Robin Hood type acknowledged his fate but at the same time he proclaimed that Jesus is dying for no wrong doing i.e. even the criminals of “spirit” knew Jesus better than the lawyers of “letters”, the Rabbis. Kings put on happily very expensive and comfortable crowns made of the artificial materials whilst our Royal King Jesus was forcibly put upon a very uncomfortable befitting crown made of the natural living thorny bush against His Will. In fact, the death by stoning is not as humiliating and none of the Apostles met such a humiliating death as Jesus did.

    BURIAL CHAMBER: – Finally, people have their family burial chambers and they bury their generations in the same chamber until full. So, the burial of Jesus was in a newly built chamber also confirms that he had no family ties and being the second Adam, He was laid in a Virgin Burial Chamber that was never used even after his burial. No one was buried in this Chamber after Jesus also confirms that He had no family and this D’Vinchi code is a fake.

    Here, it is worthwhile to mention the birth of the Second anointed Christ in the name of Nanak, Who appeared in India among the people of Khatri tribe, who, like the people of Judah tribe, were angelic or DEVTA people in the past enlightened Age (TRETA) but they had become the most satanic people in this Dark Age. But the birth of the Second anointed Christ, called “SATGURU” in Panjabi, was not of a Virgin, as the people of the Khatri tribe had not severed their covenant with their tribal ancestors by becoming the Hindus of flesh or tribe. That is, they remained Khatri tribal people. Thus, the spiritually sick people of Khatri tribe, especially those who became Mullahs, were the sworn enemies of the Satgurus and the Royal Kings. In short, the people of Judah tribe in the Middle East, the Baby Princes of Darkness and of the Khatri tribe in India, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, are great opportunists and they have a great love for Mammon or “GREED” and, therefore, they exploited the religious people to their utmost for their selfish motives. Remember that all the people of a certain tribe cannot be good or bad but in general a certain trait is dominant among the people of a particular tribe.

    Further, in general, people of the West are seeking God more sincerely than the people of the East but they are mostly blind to the matters of “spirit”. This is well illustrated in the Parable of the Samaritan woman at the well John 4, who had Five husbands, KAAM (immorality), KARODHH (anger), LOBH (greed), MOH (material love) and the Last one HANKAAR (pride of her religious knowledge as she proclaimed Jesus to be a Prophet), a husband living with her but she had overpowered it too for she engaged Jesus in deep discussion. But the Book people take the literal sense and call this most knowledgeable and pious woman Jesus ever met in His ministry as a “prostitute” marrying one husband after the other.

    Unfortunately, the so-called Sikhs of beards and turbans are familiar with these five husbands but they are incapable of explaining them to the Christians either. Remember that the word “Sikh” stands for a student of spiritual knowledge and he is known by what comes out of his own mouth rather than what the Books say. Funny costumes as put on by the clerics do not make a person religious but a hypocrite, that Jesus condemned the most Cups white-washed from the outside that are full of filth.

    So, both in Satguru Jesus and Christ Nanak, it is the “quality” of speech that counts and not the reciting of the holy verses from the Books or the dog-collars/robes of hypocrisy in which case they proclaim to be working for God but they get paid for their labour in the currency of Mammon. Workers of Jesus do not handle money. Freely they receive, freely they give.

    In Kal Yug or the Dark Age, every one has to give his own account to God and those who follow the so-called Sants or holy men blindly are wasting their invaluable life as such false hypocrite Sants cannot give your account to God. Therefore, go by your own christ/satguru, the “innerman” or “ANTAR SATGURU” and experience “Philo”, “ANAND” in the company of the twice-born people of spirit/SURTI.


    Rom. 14.12: – Live by your own christ, the “innerman”.

    No christ (spirit), no Gospel and no salvation but Hell.

    Ask Seek Knock

    Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.

    Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy

    Remember that the “Chosen People” are the demonstration Nation of the world.

    For teaching us the moral laws, they are called a Nation of Priests.

    We should appreciate their sacrifices but their blind guides led them into the Pits of Holocausts.

    Christ Jesus came among them but their Rabbis loved Mammon than God.

    John, the Baptist, Prophet Elijah lived in Jungle eating honey and locusts with no love of Mammon.

    Messianic Jews who display Menorah with the Middle Candle of God at par with the other six

    are hypocrites worse than the Jewish blind guides?

    Twice-born people of “spirit”, common sense, psychic, generally go for the following of the blind.

    Twice-born who are predestined to serve God, pneumatic, become solitary through the taste of Gospel Truth.

    More you spend “His Treasures”, preach Gospel, more you please Father to receive more.

    SACH (truth) is bitter but it leads you to heaven whilst SATT (Gospel Truth) is extremely bitter but it leads you to ANAND/Salvation.

    Falsehoods or KOORRS are extremely sweet, MAKHAEON MITHHA, sweeter than honey, but they lead you to Hell.

    Scriptures + holy spirit (common sense) = Gospel

    For articles on Sister Christian and Sikh communities, visit: –


    Produced over 1500 Youtube Videos on Interfaith + Documentary:-



    Videos by a Cuban worth watching how Messianic Jews killed Christianity:-

     < /p>

    St. Photina, an article by a Russian Bishop:-


    Hajj is for boys 12 to 16 years old to make them faithful to their tribal fathers, Ilah:-





    Over 1550 Youtube Videos on Christianity and Sikhism:-








  45. I accepted the gift of salvation through one of these TV Evangelists and know of others who have.  And I have to stand up for them.  Granted Mary’s letter is a call to action, to make improvements on systems.  But it doesn’t take into account the God factor of HIM who is really reading that letter. Millions worldwide do recieve Salvation because the word is preached through Media.  And many Media preachers, give a simple invitation at the end of each program.

    Yes they may be too big to disciple people in person, but the one who helped me continually encourages viewers to plug into a local church, read our Bibles and pray every day.

    These ministries, like all humans can get off track.  But that’s why we need the giftings of the entire Body of Christ, not just rely on the few placed out front.

  46. I’m not shocked at all. I work in Christian TV and it’s disappointing. First of all, Christian TV doesn’t reach the lost unless a lost person is clicking the remote and finds a program that isn’t embarrassing itself. Christian TV reaches more of the choir and preaches to its own than the lost. 

    I appear on Christian TV on a daily basis. What I have seen in the recent economy is that the Christian networks are losing money by the truck loads. They have the same viewer they had 5 years ago, and unfortunately all the Christian networks are having telethons to get the same viewer to give. Yes, that’s right, most of the viewers watch most of the Christian networks and they are the same givers. For those of you who don’t know, these networks charge airtime rates and the money from the telethon isn’t about keeping them on the air, but helping them to buy equipment or new stations, mostly new stations. Christian TV is about quantity and not quality, which is why it needs a redo on the programming front. 

    That’s my 2 cents. 

  47. I’m in shock about your findings but not surprised. How do our men and women of God stand up and caa themselves Christians. I’m inspired though to explore ways that we can offer training to aid new believers to know The Word and grow. Thank you for doing your research

  48. Now, I do  have righteous indignation at these false prophets, but I’m a little ticked off at your political correctness in not naming names ,are you so worried about hurting their feelings,or that they might start to cry. Are you kidding me, THESE ARE PEOPLE SOULS AT STAKE, and  the stakes don’t get any higher than that I can assure you. The jokers and that’s what they are, deserve to be outed, and the sooner the better. You have people who support these Judases and don’t realize the hurt they are doing to the Body of Christ. 
    Lord God give us people with backbone to call a spade a spade. Boy, I’m glad Paul didn’t take that route with Peter, he called him out on the carpet and to his face in front of the body of believers, he didn’t care about hurting Peters feelings. He knew the souls of mankind were at stake.

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