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Are Your TV Viewers Ready for the Switch?

Conventional wisdom says the majority of religious TV viewers are 55 and older, so chances are – many of them are watching over the air broadcasting rather than through cable or satellite.   That’s why it’s essential that your audience, donors, and supporters understand their options regarding the digital transition. Over the last year, the government sent 36 million free coupons to households to apply a $40 discount for the purchase of digital converter boxes.  Why is it important?  Because if you have a TV ministry or program, there’s a chance a significant part of your audience – those watching over the air – won’t be able to see your program after February 17th.   I would send an immediate email to your partners and give them the toll free number 888-388-2009 and also send them to the website

Of course they can also sign up for cable or satellite service as well.  Either way, don’t lose the connection to your older audience after February 17.

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