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At The Highest Levels of Performance, Details Matter

Overall, in the history of the Olympic 100 yard dash event, the average time difference between first and second place is .1 second. That’s one tenth of a second. Generally, we tend to make a much bigger deal about winners and underplay the runner up, but the truth is, in the recorded history of the Olympics, the difference is only .1 second.  The lesson?

At the absolute top, the smallest details matter.  In the 100 yard dash, perhaps the mistake was a momentary look back, a quick stumble, or some other tiny distraction. But when you’re competing with the best, the smallest error can be deadly.

In the same way, when you’re moving up the ladder in your profession or career, this is something you should never forget. It simply doesn’t take much to lose out on a promotion, pitch, or project. Pay attention to details. Because what seems small to you, might result in losing the race.

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