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The World is Changing: The Delphos, Ohio Bowling Alley is Now on Facebook.

The march to the digital universe is fraught with danger, and a little fun.  I received this email from my friend, television producer John Ondo from Ohio yesterday:  “Phil – You’re one of the few I know who would get this. It stills seems most people still don’t do Facebook.  But you know it’s getting wild when you hear this:  My mom’s home town of Delphos, Ohio (pop 6,500) has a Catholic church, a bowling alley, a bar, and a stop light for entertainment.

But the Delphos Bowling Alley is now on Facebook. Today I received the first FB update telling me today’s lunch special was beef, noodles and mash potatoes, green beans and potato soup.  I doubt if anyone in Delphos other than the 200 high school students have a Facebook page, but the Delphos Bowling Alley is in it.  Now I suspect, they’ll also be moving to Twitter.”

Here’s to the courageous bowling alley in Delphos, Ohio for moving into the digital age!

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