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Declining Broadcast TV Numbers for President Obama’s Speeches:

There is an interesting drop in President Obama’s numbers for his major speeches on television.  In what used to be typically one of the largest viewed TV events in the country, the decline is considerable.  Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal reports:

“Look at President Obama’s State of the Union numbers. That speech famously blankets all television and radio networks.

His first speech to a joint session of Congress, in February 2009, drew 52 million viewers. A year later the State of the Union had an understandable falloff to about 48 million. In 2011, another fall: 43 million watched. A few weeks ago his 2012 State of the Union drew just 38 million.

From 52 to 38: That’s quite a decline. And again, during a continuing crisis and in a presidential election year. As for the president’s interviews and other speeches, well, when was the last time you heard someone ask excitedly, “Did you hear what Obama said?”

Whose numbers are up? The NFL’s.”

Is it the declining broadcast TV audience?  The president’s policies?  The political climate?  The distracting economy?

What do you think?

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  1. As President Obama and the First Lady saturate all forms of media multiple times each and every day, as they have since his election, it’s only natural for people to “tune him out.” One word… overexposure!

  2. George Bush’s numbers did almost exactly the same thing, with the lowest
    views/biggest dip in the presidential election year. Oh yeah, also for
    Bill Clinton – lowest views in the election year. Given that each of
    these folks had to give their State of the Union smack dab in the middle
    of the barrage of debates and speeches by those running for the big
    office, might it just be speech fatigue in general?

  3. I agree with Dave, overexposure. People eventually get bored with hearing and seeing the same person over and over again.

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