How Often Do You Daydream?

When was the last time you took a few minutes to simply daydream?  Some think it’s a waste of time, but daydreaming can be an important part of freeing your creativity.   When I was working on my last book, I took a break and was staring out my window daydreaming.  My wife came in and said, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be typing?”  My reply was, “Typists type, writers stare out windows.”  Now, studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara reported in Men’s Journal reveal that when students were given a 12 minute break on a creativity test, those who spent time daydreaming came up with 41% more creative options than those who just rested, or spent time on other tasks.

41% is pretty significant.  If you’re not getting creative results, maybe it’s time to start staring out windows.

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  1. I knew it. I often find myself staring out of the window at my day job, contemplating aspects of my non-day job. Well maybe not that often (boss maybe be trolling………jk). In fact, at my job people sit in whatever cubicle is available when they arrive, and I always make sure, whenever possible, that I sit in a corner seat so I can be surrounded by windows. I also raise all the blinds up, much to the dismay of the graveyeard shifters that are still here when I get in in the morning. I feel cramped if I can’t look outside and see something interesting, some movement, something thought provoking, or something day-dream-conducive…..and the higher up the better for me.

  2. Phil I was an English major in college. As part of our literary theory course we had to read Freud’s work entitled ” Creative Writing and Daydreaming” A good article for those interested.

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