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Radio City Music Hall’s Nativity Scene

Our family went to the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.  (I know, it’s cheesy – but I wanted to say I’ve been.)  The production values were great, and it was the kind of corny, classic Christmas production that we don’t see very often anymore – but is actually fun.  However, what surprised me was the climax of the production.  The entire spectacular – all the Rockettes, dancing, orchestra, dancing Santas, etc – all led up to a huge nativity scene.  Flying angels, camel’s onstage, huge cast, fabulous set – the whole shooting match.  Most important, they read directly from the scripture and told the Christmas story in a clear, powerful way.

First, I was surprised to see the Nativity story in an NBC production.  It’s so easy for corporate productions like this to default to the easy “Santa” and “holiday” themes.  It was a bold move, and it actually generated the most applause in the entire show.

Second, the question occurred to me if any of the Christian organizations who are boycotting companies like GAP for NOT mentioning the word “Christmas” will be calling NBC to congratulate them on telling the Nativity story in the Radio City Music Hall show.  If these organizations don’t do exactly that, then we’ll know their purpose with boycotts isn’t actually to make a difference, it’s just about fundraising…..

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