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Da Vinci Review

Saw The Da Vinci Code in a closed industry screening today at Sony Pictures. The first thought that went through my mind as it faded to black at the end was that it was a “pleasant disappointment”. The first 30 minutes are agonizingly slow, and I completely understand the first wave of criticism from the Cannes Film Festival that for a suspense thriller, it just doesn’t cut it.

The film is really too convoluted to be clear for most people, which is why I really don’t think the fears of church leaders will be realized. I have a Ph.D. in Theology and I had a tough time with the twists and turns, so I think most people will walk away dumbfounded. It’s just too much information to cram into a film – even a long one like this.

Of course, there’s the “wacky albino killer” stalking everybody – and I should say the albino community is very upset about this depiction. Needless to say, it’s so out of touch with real scholarship and history that anyone with any knowledge at all of the faith will think they’ve seen a parody.

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  1. Phil,

    I saw you on CNBS and again later on Paula Zahn and couldn’t agree with you more. If all of this talk about the Da Vinci Code starts a dialog between Christians and others, alleluia! That’s what it’s all about…but to just denounce it, label it as fiction (which it is, folks – pure fiction!), and rain down terror on any one and every one who sees it – that’s just wrong.

    Remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out? Ministers everywhere started preaching against it, talking about supernatural powers and the devil’s work – again, it’s FICTION, folks! Did we see millions of kids turn into wizard wannabes? Did an entire generation turn it’s back on heaven and substitute Hogwarts instead? NO!! So, get a grip…

    How about if we all sit down and have a conversation about it – I’ll tell you why I think the Da Vinci Code makes for interesting reading, but it’s all hogwash – and you tell me you love the book and think there may be a hint of truth to Dan Brown’s theory. But until we sit down and talk, I don’t know your position, and you certainly don’t know mine – so quicherbellyachin’…and go see a matinee.


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