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Leaders: Cutting Back Can Make You More Successful

In consulting with nonprofit organizations around the world, our team at Cooke Media Group has discovered that the most successful are deep, not wide.  In other words, they know how to focus on one big thing, instead of trying to do many things badly.  In this video I talk about why it matters, and how being lean and mean can make a huge difference.  If you know a leader of a bloated or ineffective organization, make sure he or she sees this: 

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  1. This is so good. It has been experience that many Christian organizations are afraid to stop doing certain programs or outreach’s because of what people might think. Or they have been doing it for so many years know one takes the time to look around and see what is effective. It seems the attitude at most churches is ‘The more programs we have the more effective we are.’ Which I think is the opposite. So many church congregations and staff are worn out trying to do to many things that God hasn’t called them to do. Thanks for sharing this.

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