The Triumph of Culture Over Politics

This is a must-read article in today’s Wall Street Journal by Lee Siegel on the a fundamental difference between how the Left and Right views the world.  In fact, from my perspective – and the perspective of this blog – it’s the single greatest key to understanding the rift between both parties.  It’s long, but it’s really worth the read.

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  1. You're absolutely correct, Phil. It certainly is a must read. Well worth the time. Thanks for bringing it up. I was especially interested in Mr. Siegels observations on YouTube.

  2. An accurate description of the state of play – and the best illustration of this is Palin's response to the "Bush Doctrine" question. Democrats feel that a qualified VP should know exactly what is meant by the term – Republicans  overlook this hiccup and are more interested with Palins "values".

    Thats my analysis anyway, as a conservative on the other side of the world who knew exactly what the "Bush Doctrine" meant (and thinks it's unbalanced).

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