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Speaking at the Reach Conference in Dallas recently, I was interviewed by Michael Ireland, Senior News Editor of the UCB Europe Network in the United Kingdom. He asked some interesting questions about religious broadcasting, engaging the dominant culture, and where we go from here… Check out the link.

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  1. Insightful.

    Food for thought:

    Do you believe in this whole “Fight Against Post-Modernism” in media? And where is Christian programming’s place in this?

    I have a friend that lectures at colleges around the country on this topic. He believes that nearly everything produced in pop culture today is a product of an existential creative society, and that since 1960 our culture’s art is predominantly Post-Modernist in nature, and therefore in a downward slope of media. Nothing can be defined, and everything is boundless. He teaches that there is a direct correlation between Post-Modernism/Existentialism and Nihilism. Remember that Nietzsche is the one who wrote that nowadays, “God is dead” (or, to be more contemporary: Neo took the red pill).

    Some of my peers believe that Christian media is a great forum to combat this post-modern plethora of programming that is drowning the culture, however, I really have a problem denying that one of the trappings of Christian TV is the idea that it is exactly that: “Christian TV”. That title segregates it from being experienced by those who are “outside of the club”, so to speak. I think we’re heading the right direction, with programs like “Discover the Champion in You” airing on non-secular networks. Imagine what would happen if suddenly all this wholesome secular programming on Christian networks were to follow suit, and spill over into other networks where more re-active audiences can experience wholesome television and great messages without having to seek solace in a few specific networks. I’m curious to see if that’s a personal goal of any ministry’s, or if most are gearing their focus in the years to come towards their current audience.

    You can only reach people if you’re speaking their language.

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