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Need to Make an Important Personal Decision? Crowd-Source It!

Is doing an online poll to help decide whether or not to abort a child a smart idea? Pete and Alisha Arnold did it. They created birthornot.com when Alisha got pregnant and they couldn’t agree about having the baby. So in a digitally driven crowd-sourcing world what do you do? Do an online poll of course. Some have criticized it as a hoax, but more than 2 million people took the poll, and the results are interesting:

The total votes were 2,006,363 and were tracked by IP address so they knew the duplicates. The end result was 74% for having the baby, and 26% for an abortion.

But when you tossed out the duplicates, the margin widened to 78% to have the baby and 22% to have an abortion.

So what have Pete and Alisha taught us? Forget personal values. Forget ethics or actually struggling with important issues. Just outsource it to complete strangers. In an online world, what else would you expect?

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  1. Yes, that’s what they taught us. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…. this couple has raised the bar of stupidity (for lack of a better word).

  2. I’m amazed and pleased at the results. Either the pro-life cause can better mobilize or there are a lot more of us than them.

    Also, the Pro-aborts were more apt to cheat.

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