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Nonprofit Leaders: Creativity Matters to Donors

I’ve always been amazed at the number of nonprofit organizations and Christian ministries who do remarkable work, but do such a poor job of telling their story. I shouldn’t be surprised because after all, they’re experts at doing the work, not talking about it. But more and more proof is coming in that donors are looking to be engaged with your content. In fact, when you don’t tell your story well, you could be losing more than a third of your potential donors.

My friends at Dunham and Company alerted us to a study from Abila Research that indicates “Nearly three-quarters (72%) of donors say poor content affects whether they decide to donate to a nonprofit organization.”  Because of the overwhelming media clutter out there, we have to be more innovative than ever to reach audiences and make an impact today. Says Jennifer Abohosh, Senior Digital Strategist at Dunham+Company, “This study confirms what we know to be true: content is king. But when it comes to donors, that content must be relevant in order to keep them engaged.”

I agree. Whatever we do – online videos, radio and TV, podcasts, social media, our web presence, print media – all have to be more creative than ever in order to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Plus – when it comes to fundraising and donor development, if we’re not telling compelling stories about the impact we’re making, then it’s as if it never happened. Donors need to know about your work, and the lives you’re changing.

HOW we share our message is just as important as the message we share.

Very often in ministry, “creativity” gets the short end of the budget. But this report confirms that we need to invest in our creative teams, and our strategy for breaking through and getting a response. If your media outreaches to donors aren’t getting the response you need, perhaps it’s time for a media audit to see how a more creative approach can make a difference. Our team at Cooke Media Group would be happy to help develop that kind of winning strategy.

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