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Creatives: You’re About to Be Embarrassed

At the National Religious Broadcasters Convention earlier this year, I had the opportunity to meet Libby Stewart and Erika Filer. Both young ladies are 14 and in the eighth grade. Back in September, unhappy with what they were seeing in magazines and social media focused on young teen girls, they decided to create their own account on Instagram for teenage girls. They’re called TheChristianGirls,” and so far have 2,482 followers and growing.

But that wasn’t enough.  Then they developed the account into a Christian teenage girl magazine on the Instagram platform they call “Girl Talk.” They design their own magazine covers for each issue, DIY without any cover design app and every other week they alternate writing the articles. They post a sign up sheet on the account and direct message it out to all who will sign up. Currently they have around 60 frequent subscribers.

The bottom line is that while the rest of us “creative” types are complaining that we don’t have big enough budgets, better equipment, or more qualified people, here’s two 14 year old girls that have launched a teen girl magazine via a social media platform.

Check them out. @TheChristianGirls on Instagram. See what these motivated teenagers are doing while we’re sitting around waiting for our next big break. I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping an eye out for Libby and Erika. They’re going to do something remarkable in the future.

What encouragement would you give to Libby and Erika?

Girl Talk- The Christian Girls


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  1. Being a guy (and a 61 y/o man) the magazine holds nothing for me. But GOOD FOR THEM! Its about time Christ-followers stop complaining and start doing. The old adage “we are known more for what we are against than what we are for” cannot be said about them.

  2. A perfect example of “doing” instead of “waiting” for the “perfect opportunity”. Libby and Erika have inspired me!

  3. Way to go girls! Lots of people (mainly adults) have “ideas” but no follow-through. Just the fact that you came through on your idea, and then expanded it into a magazine on top of that…wow! Congrats and keep going!

  4. Amen! These days I actively avoid associating with apparent ‘creatives’ who don’t actually ‘create’ anything, but just sit around all day talking about what they would do, or could have done, ‘if only…’ Drives me nuts!

    Well done to these 2 young girls. I can’t wait to see what they produce in the future!

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