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Are You Ready for a Public Relations Nightmare?

If you missed my video during the Nine’s Conference, then you can view it here.  I was asked to speak for a few minutes to Church, ministry, and nonprofit leaders about what they should be thinking about in order to avoid a “PR Nightmare.”  Here’s what I recommended.  I’d love to know your response:

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  1. Good job. Too many ministries try to spin the problem until they find suddenly find it spinning out of control – OR – they try to manage by waiting, hoping a problem will just go away. It usually doesn’t – not in these times. Involving an attorney is often critical … and of course it doesn’t hurt to solicit the help of a strong PR firm. Most ministry PR disasters I know about could have been navigated successfully – but weren’t! Point #5: Do the right thing. When a PR crisis is looming – that is not the time to look for shortcuts or the easy way out. Doing the right thing will help you preserve your brand equity and confirm your integrity.

  2. Great reminder. When it comes to insurance coverage, we discovered a few years ago that our general liability coverage specifically excluded multimedia activity. Surprise! So, we had to get a policy specifically for multimedia liability.

  3. Your take is spot-on as usual, Phil. In any crisis scenario, it’s essential to own it, identify what happened, tell people what you’re going to do to address and correct it – and then do that! I’ve always felt that the textbook example was the way Johnson & Johnson handled the Tylenol poisonings in 1982 that killed seven people. J&J didn’t waste time trying to assign blame. Instead, they immediately recalled every Tylenol product, more than 31 million bottles with a value in excess of $100 million, and their corrective actions resulted in the creation of tamper-proof packaging.

    Nice job, Phil!

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