Want a Jet? Use the Web to Find Donors

Well, I have to admit, if you’re going to raise money for a jet – especially a really expensive one – you might as well create a website to do the job.  Any comments?

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  1. this site is several years old and you're just finding it now?  they took delivery of the jet some months ago.

    websites are tools.  they are extensions of one's business or ministry.  it doesn't matter one bit to me that they have a website.  the need for a really expensive private jet is the more important issue.  i'm not going to comment on that…it's between the Copelands and God.  They will have to answer for every dollar of donated money they spend…and they will answer to God himself….not any man.
  2. Well you can never say never as I said I would never post. 🙂 I will not debate the need for a private aircraft or tactics ministries use to fundraise. What I will comment on is Mac Gober’s use of such an aircraft. Mac runs the ministry Canaan Land where he takes in men 17 and older who need a fresh start on life. He does this free of charge and most of these men are not welcome at any other such organization because of their extreme past.

    Interesting enough Mac teaches these former outlaw bikers, drug addicts and gang members how to fly. When a person in recovery leaves the majority of ministries, or government programs, the most extensive rehabilitation they receive is training in foodservice with very nice frameable certificate. The best they can hope for is minimum wage. Mac is giving a lot of these men a really big dream which is to fly. Too me, that is by far the very best use of a private aircraft that I know of.

  3. Hey atleast they made the website a great one I mean i love all the little tour stuff and the fun videos…lol

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