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Converts: The Key to Engaging Culture

When discussing politics, religion, marketing, or any debatable subject, the key word is “converts” – which refers to people who don’t start out agreeing with you.  Most media and public figures today are simply “posturing.”

They’re exciting and motivating to those who already support their cause.  Just because you can get your talk radio, church, political party, or TV audience worked up, doesn’t mean you’re actually engaging the other side.  It doesn’t mean you’re making a difference or changing people’s minds.

In measuring social, cultural, religious, political, or any other type of change, the secret is converts – people who disagreed with you before, but now agree with you.  Until you have a measurable group of converts, all the posturing in the world won’t make much difference.

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  1. Unfortunately, too many people in media people despise their potential converts. They don’t want coverts who support them philosophically. They want submission at any cost. It’s been this way so long that now we’re all cynical to everyone regardless if we agree with them or not.

  2. Frankly, too many ministries are not as concerned with having converts as they are with acquiring and maintaining consumers. (“For your seed of $1,000, we’ll bless you with this gaudy pen set.”)

  3. Phil, you are so right on. I forget that sometimes, and I’m in the full-time ministry! If we’re not really engaging the opposition, we’re just posturing. That’s brilliant! Thanks for the challenge and the call to re-focus.

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