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Are You a Conversation Hijacker?

I  just met someone and I wanted to punch him in the face.  Yep.  I know.  I shouldn’t be that way, but this guy really drove me nuts.  Here’s the scene:  I’m sitting at lunch with a fascinating guy I had just met a short time before.  Successful businessman, innovative thinker, great teacher.  The conversation was very focused and really interesting.

But as we talked, a friend of his walked up, so we invited him to sit down. Immediately, this friend jumped into the conversation taking it in an entirely new direction. And every time we tried to get back to our original train of thought, the hijacker would interrupt with a new thought and spin it off again. The guy was a total jerk – completely uninterested in what we’d been saying before he’d arrived. It got so bad we finally had to drop our conversation altogether.

Don’t be that guy.
  When you’re invited into someone else’s conversation, consider that a gift. Be nice and listen long enough to see what’s happening first. Don’t just jump into another conversation and interrupt that momentum.

Because if you do, I promise, you’ll get punched. 

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  1. ‘scuse me phil, I’m a let you finish… but, you’re right – it’s rampant in our culture – lack of respect, honor, gentleness, preferring others – good post… BUT next time, put the real names in, much more fun!

    You’re a legend – be blessed – pc

  2. This is so true!

    I am also thinking in other cultures they become so skillfull taking 5 coversations at the same time. My family in Costa Rica for example or friends in Spain 🙂 everybody is involved and you can go deep at the same time 🙂 go figure!

    Crazy eh

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