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Congratulations! The YouVersion Bible App is 10 Years Old

For those of you who remember the debut of Apple’s App Store, then you’ll also remember the debut of the YouVersion Bible App. Because YouVersion was one of the first apps in the store when Apple unveiled the iPhone, it’s had an incredible run. Now the most widely used Bible app in the world (and one of the most used apps period), the app is a brilliant testament to the innovative work done by the YouVersion team under the leadership of founder Bobby Gruenewald in Oklahoma City.

At Cooke Media Group, the YouVersion team has been personal friends, clients, and we’ve been thrilled to see the growth of the app worldwide. Today, millions of Christians use the app as their primary Bible, and pastors the world over teach from it every Sunday.

Working closely with Bible societies around the globe, today the app offers more than 1,700 different versions of the Bible, including Bible text in more than 1,200 languages. By the time you read this, those numbers will have increased.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then do it today. The vast number of devotional and Bible reading plans as well as Bible versions make it a go-to resource for anyone seriously studying the Bible. My co-writer Jonathan Bock and I were honored to have a devotional based on our latest book “The Way Back” included in the collection, and Kathleen has the reading plan based on her devotional “Hope 4 Today.”

Share this post and links to the app with your friends and followers on social media. To reach the 10 year mark and celebrate downloads on more than 330 million devices and in every country of the world is a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations Bobby and the team!

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