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How Confidence Can Change Everything in this Economy

Somehow in the flurry of TARP, bailouts, and general panic over the financial situation, we’ve forgotten the role of “confidence.”  The truth is, as economist Ben Stein has said, our financial system isn’t built on printing money or regulation, it’s built on confidence.  It’s a perception issue.  When investors feel confidence in the market, it soars.  When that confidence isn’t there, it dives.  I’m no economist, and I realize how complicated all of this is, but when I listen to the news, or the politicians, I’m not hearing much in the way of confidence.

But the truth is, there’s a lot to be confident about. 

Many businesses are doing very well, and as I travel (which I do more than most people) I’m not seeing many empty seats on airplanes.  Movie attendance is up.  Church attendance is up.  Many businesses in America are making record profits. A lot of people are struggling, and we can’t forget that impact.  But at the same time, if we regained our confidence, people would be more willing to re-invest, businesses would be more open to hiring, and we’d see the market start to lift.

Of all people, Christians should be the most confident, because even in the worst circumstances, our hope isn’t in money.  Maybe that’s where we start.  Christians – let’s step up to the plate here.  If we want to change our perception in the culture, perhaps this is the place to start.  Encourage someone.  Become a cheerleader for the positive things happening in the marketplace.  Reach out and help someone who needs it.   Let’s start re-focusing people on the power of confidence – because we know where our confidence really comes from.

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  1. All it takes is one step and that will have an exponential effect.  There is a long line of blessing for the one who moves forward and hires the right person, invests in the right place or commits to that big project, etc. 

    Think about what impact your decisions can have and how many lives can be blessed down the line when you move forward.  All it takes is the boldness to step out and let God do the rest.

     Great word, Phil.


  2. I completely agree. My wife and I have coined a new term for what we as Christians should be looking at along with ROI and that’s EROI – Eternal Return On Investment. It works and God will Bless!

    Thanks for bringing this up, Phil.

  3. It is so great to be loved by our Daddy. Praying deeper revelation of His love to all of us.


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