Are You Comfortable With Silence?

Think about it. A few years ago I did, and I was surprised at how uncomfortable I was with silence. For instance, the first thing I did after waking up was to turn on the television. At the office, I sat at my desk and immediately fired up my music. I brought headphones on a plane to watch a movie. The first thing I did when I checked into a hotel room was to turn on the TV. After starting my car, without thinking I turned on the radio. How about you? Has “noise” become a habit? When was the last time you actually heard yourself think? When was the last time you listened for the voice of God, rather than the voice of iTunes?

In my experience, creativity doesn’t compete well with noise.  Original thinking gets drowned out by TV networks and cable news.

Try this:  Start listening to nothing. See just how long you can stand the silence. You may go through a nervous transition, but after awhile, I have a feeling you’ll be shocked at how you’ll start to hear your own voice. And you’ll be shocked at how creative and productive that voice will be.

What do you think?  Are you comfortable with silence?


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  1. Great suggest. I do it when I walk in my woods. At first it is weird but then then the amazing thing is that ideas just “pop” into my head. Never would happen without the silence.

  2. Yes very much. A couple of years ago I couldnt but its a great joy in silence. But I still can’t keep shut in the presence of a person. (chuckle)

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