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The Importance of The Boss Buying Into Your Ideas

I was reading a quote recently from Ron Ricci, VP of Cisco that really stood out:  “I think that culture is really a reflection of the CEO personality.  Collaboration works, but only if it’s what the CEO believes.”  Ron is right – over and over I’ve seen organizations with vibrant teams doing original work; but without a CEO, pastors, or other leader who buys into the ideas, it doesn’t go anywhere.

I know of one major media ministry right now that has a team of people wanting to do innovative work – but the Pastor is stuck in traditional thinking.  The bottom line is that if you’re an employee, do everything you can to get the CEO to catch the vision – even if that means letting him or her think it’s their idea.  Otherwise you’re simply hitting your head against a wall.

If you’re a CEO or other leader, then LEAD.  Set the vision.  Be the innovator.  The personality of the CEO or leader is powerfully connected to the culture of the organization.  Like it or not, that’s reality.

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  1. “do everything you can to get the CEO to catch the vision – even if that means letting him or her think it’s their idea” – like that line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding…  This has worked for me so many times that I could not care less whether the idea was from me or not, because the final outcome for everyone was so much more important than my ego.

    After all, there is only one who deserves to get all the credit in the end…


  2. Great article. As a media assistant to an international ministry in Miami, I could relate to the ‘media ministry’ you mentioned that is wanting to elevate its status and become more innovative.
    Thanks for your input Phil! I actually sent you an e-mail last week regarding the current state of my ministry and how you could help us through Cooke Pictures. Hopefully you were able to receive it. Thank you for what you do!
    Best Regards & God Bless,
    Christopher Reyes
    Spring of Life International Ministries

  3. Phil,

    This is so right on!  You have a gift and encouraging healthy leadership and challenging insecure leaders.  Too often I feel more among the latter.

    Always remember, You Are loved! Warren

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